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    gorrister's graphics & general testing zone

    McCain concedes race to Giffords in historic upset New York Times | November 3, 2010, 14:20 EST Senator John McCain of Arizona has conceded to his opponent Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the race to keep hold of the senate seat which he first won in 1986, and which has been in Republican...
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    Gorrister's Graphics / Test Thread

    all power to AM (get it because i have no mouth and must scream)
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    AHC: Bashar Al-Assad still seen as a moderating force in the Middle East

    I've wanted to post this, because it's been something I've thought about recently and tomorrow is the anniversary of his rise to power. Possibly too close to the present day to be discussed cogently but eh It's only been over the past six or seven years that Assad has garnered his well deserved...
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    WI: Conservative-DUP Agreement 2015

    About almost a year late to posting this, but with the DUP recently in the news the question comes up; what if the Tories slipped up a little in 2015 and ended up just short of a majority? The obvious option would be to form a confidence and supply agreement with the Democratic Unionists. IOTL...
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    WI: No Hunger Strikes

    Whether through it never being introduced in the first place (Whitelaw later wrote of his regret in putting it in place) or it never being rescinded by Rees, Special Category Status remains alive and well around the time of the Hunger Strikes IOTL (1977-1981). Or maybe the strikers take the...