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    20 July Plot Succeeds in Killing Hitler

    One thing we don't talk enough about in alternate history is World War II generally and Nazi Germany more specifically. We also don't seem to yet have a thread on this specific issue so given today's date (with apologies to everyone points east of the Caspian Sea) what if Claus von Stauffenberg...
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    US Republican Party Enters Terminal Decline 1930s-50s

    In the interests of balance, a companion piece to my thread on the Democratic Party fading away following the American Civil War. Throughout the 1920s, and indeed largely since the end of the American Civil War, the Republican Party dominated national politics. When the seemingly boundless...
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    US Democratic Party Enters Terminal Decline Post-ACW

    The period from the end of the American Civil War through to the early decades of the twentieth century saw a period of dominance by the Republican Party. In the years from 1860 to 1932, the Democrats only won (per the electoral college anyway) the presidency a grand total of four times (twice...
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    No War Outbreak in 1914: Impact on UK Domestically

    In response to a question posted by @Nofix in one of the Pub threads answers from @Archdeacon of Dunwich, @Ingsoc and myself prompted a brief mention by @Thande of the impact on the UK domestically in the event of no/delayed First World War in 1914. Here's a thread to have at it. How might the...
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    Options for a Parliamentary United States

    Seemingly one of those cliches-but-not alternate history ideas is the United States developing a political system with the head of government and the democratic legitimacy of at least part of the executive arising from the command and confidence of its legislature. Standing in contrast to the...
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    AHC: More Successful SDP

    Inspired by absolutely nothing in particular in the news yesterday, how might the Social Democratic Party have enjoyed better success in the UK through the 1980s to the point where they might still have representation in the Commons to today? Some random musings... Woy the Boy joins the...
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    President Gennady Zyuganov?

    How could the candidate of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov, have won the 1996 Russian presidential election - and what would be the consequences for Russia both domestically and on the international scene at his victory? OTL Zyuganov placed second behind only the...
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    Reid In Braid

    Very happy to announce Reid In Braid is now available on Amazon! A special thanks to @Lord Roem for another amazing cover! Please find below a trailer for the collection pulled together by a couple of friends. I hope you all enjoy it!
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    AHC: Conservative/Liberal Coalition or Pact 1974

    That's right! The successful Seelöwe of post-War British politics! How could the Conservatives under Ted Heath and the Liberals under Jeremy Thorpe have formed a coalition government after the February 1974 election? Following the February 1974 election, called by Prime Minister Heath at the...
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    British Republic PODs and Discussion

    No, not that one. Put down that map! No footnotes! Inspired by absolutely nothing in particular in the news these past few days, what potential PODs are there for the UK to turn from one of the most stable constitutional monarchies in the world to a boorish lout of a republic? And what form...
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    Editing posts

    Would anyone know for how long posts can still be edited? I want to turn the top post on one or more of my threads into something of a contents page - without threadmarking the next best thing.
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    No Battle of Culloden; Effect on the Highlands

    Given today is the anniversary of the last battle fought on British soil, what if the Young Pretender dies before he can launch the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, and there is no Battle of Culloden? Presuming there is not another effort launched at a Rising with a similar battle, what would be the...
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    There Shall Be a Scottish Assembly - Yes in 1979

    Whit are ye daein? Hello to you to. Whit for ye postin this here for insteid o yon scrievin forum? Well, I want to look at this from an alternate history perspective rather than from a writing or storytelling perspective. This place could do with a few more half-arsed attempts at TLs. Sae...
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    WI: UK sovereign wealth fund?

    Interesting article from the Scotsman on a potential North Sea wealth fund, the IPPR having estimated that had the UK followed Norways example and set one up it would be worth more than £500bn today. Apparently such a fund was under discussion in the late 1970s but the economic outlook at the...
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    Ryan's Graphics Thread

    Something thrown together during my recovery mode today instead of actually writing any real content.
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    Government Survives No Confidence Vote 1979

    Inspired by my viewing of This House today, what if the Labour government had survived the no confidence vote of 28th March 1979? The final tally was 311 Ayes (that the house had no confidence) to 310 Noes, a knife edge. Had the vote been a tie, it is probably Speaker George Thomas would have...
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    AHC: Plaid Cymru surge

    What would it take for Plaid Cymru to be in a position to win a majority of seats in Wales at a Westminster election by 2018? If they had kept the momentum from their Carmarthen by-election victory in 1967 and won further by elections in Caerphilly and Rhondda West during the same parliament...