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    London as capital of Upper Canada

    After John Graves Simcoe was made Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, he oversaw the process of establishing a capital of the colony amidst fears of British North America being invaded by the nascent United States. The inland site he selected, on the Ontario Peninsula between Lake Erie and Lake...
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    A Second Anpo?

    The 1959-60 Anpo protests were the largest mass movement in modern Japanese history, but nothing approaching it has materialised since. As Nick Kapur has noted in his book Japan at the Crossroads, the characteristics of Anpo of a mass movement across social and political lines with a single...
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    Post-War Japan Without Kishi

    Kishi Nobusuke is arguably one of the most influential people to have affected the development of post-war Japan, and also one of the most notable to have worked to subvert the institutions it was built on. This should come as no surprise considering his track record as a war criminal and fierce...
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    If the leagues gained control of France, which would emerge on top?

    February 6, 1934, was probably the closest the French Third Republic had come to falling during the interwar period. After a series of scandals and crises, combined with the onset of the Great Depression, thousands joined the ranks of nationalist political leagues which generally shared a...
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    Alternate economic miracles

    Economic miracles have played a major role in shaping the modern world's political and economic institutions, elevating historic economic backwaters like Hong Kong or Taiwan to global prominence in finance and industry, and cementing the smooth recovery of war-ravaged states like Japan and...
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    David Peterson and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Election

    The year 1990 was a high-water mark for Ontario Premier David Peterson. Having first become the province's head of government in 1985 through a Liberal minority government with backing from Bob Rae's NDP that ended Ontario's 42 year long Progressive Conservative dynasty, Peterson proceeded to...
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    Bonnie's Struggle to Learn Wikiboxing

    To begin, a couple prototypes that I made a little while ago to begin a proper Wikiboxing career.
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    The Battle of Mohács and the Destiny of Hungary and Central Europe

    The outcome of the Battle of Mohács completely defined the history of an entire region. The catastrophic destruction of the Hungarian army and the abrupt death of King Louis II brought an abrupt end to the once expansive Jagiellonian dynastic power, and marked perhaps the most fortuitous turn of...
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    Singapore within the Federation of Malaya

    Singapore's two-year stint in the Federation of Malaysia was marred by severe political tensions that culminated in deadly race riots that in time would contribute to its expulsion and independence in 1965. But what would've happened if the former Crown Colony was instead brought into the...
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    WI: A successful Young Plan

    Sir Mark Aitchison Young, wartime Governor of Hong Kong, did not last long in the office. Taking over just two months before the Japanese invaded Hong Kong, he spent four years enduring severe mistreatment as POW, only resuming his duties in May 1946 after some time recuperating in Britain while...