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    Alternate Fusion Cuisines

    It's not really part of a culinary tradition, debatably a fusion product, and isn't a thing in Mexico to my knowledge, but in and around Hong Kong there is a type of bun sold in bakeries called a Mexico bun. Its origin is from Chinese Mexicans who were deported by Obregon and Calles, who made...
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    WI: Japan discovers the Liaohe Oil Field in the early 1930s?

    This was more or less the MO for Japanese imperialism in the establishment's eyes. Pre-empt foreign threats by grabbing neighbouring territories, develop and exploit them to add to national resources, grab territory surrounding those regions to defend them, and so on.
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    Bonnie's Struggle to Learn Wikiboxing

    Has it really been two years since the last post? That That feels illegal. Anyway, been thinking up some contributions.
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    Taiwan has nukes in 1989

    I see no more reason they would with a nuclear deterrent. The domestic consensus of the 1980s and 90s generally accepted that Taiwan was a sovereign nation as the Republic of China, and localisation was, in the view of Lee and his faction in the KMT, not a move towards independence, but to...
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    Taiwan has nukes in 1989

    A nuclear deployment in 1989 would come at a very strange time for Taiwan, if political developments still largely occur as OTL. Over in the Mainland, Tiananmen Square would occur in the same year, and the Wild Lily movement is a year away. Lee Teng-hui would be still relatively fresh in office...
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    WI: Japan discovers the Liaohe Oil Field in the early 1930s?

    Well, assuming the discovery is in 1933, it would probably put even more onus on the Japanese bureaucracy and military to develop and integrate Manchuria economically. That would make it more valuable as a whole, and the Japanese are undoubtedly going to recognise this and might make the effort...
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    “Inevitable Cities” of the West Coast?

    While I have no problem with the names, I do feel it worth noting that depending on the period (I assume this is following the treasure voyages and a surviving Ming Dynasty) you will have to account for the presence of the traditional seafaring peoples of China, namely the Hoklo and Cantonese...
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    Review: Last Flight of the Arrow

    There's actually a very understated impact of the Arrow saga on Canadian politics. Diefenbaker regarded the project with considerable skepticism, in part because of the costs and the likely lack of benefits, but also because it was an initiative of the previous Liberal government. When he...
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    German Intervention in the Russo Japanese War

    Aside from the clause governing China and Korea, the alliance overall was primarily a defensive one and wasn't supposed to account for either side launching a war of aggression. Britain wouldn't, under the circumstances defined with German deployments, join the war as long as it remains an...
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    German Intervention in the Russo Japanese War

    I think the question of how the naval war would be affected is ultimately dependent on factors regarding the extent of German involvement, including what place their East Asian colonies and concessions play, especially Tsingtao. If the Germans don't go so far that they're dragged into outright...
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    AHC: Keep the London Underground as the largest RTS in the world

    There's a relatively easy answer to stretch out system length. In many Japanese rapid transit systems as well as the Seoul Subway, a number of metro lines run through services onto commuter lines run by a different operator. The extent to which they're still considered a single line differs -...
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    Unit 731

    That's the first I've heard of this. None of the sources I've seen suggest that bacterial agents were ever loaded onto balloons, but the Japanese weren't very reliable record-keepers (considering they destroyed so many - and failed to destroy many others - after the war), so I am willing to...
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    Titanic Alternatives

    One thing I've idly wondered is the degree to which the impact of a maritime disaster on this scale would have differed with a different vessel. What if had been the Olympic, or the Lusitania, or the France, or the Imperator? I feel like for any other nation, France and Germany especially, any...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Blair seemed too obvious, and arguably too lefty for the standards of the 1955 System. It was a lot of back and forth deciding between him or someone else, and someone else won out. Then again I already conjured up a political career for Mosley's brother to fit a Sato analogue and a fictional...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    So the Mosley discussion from the other day inspired me, and after doing some reading up on Kishi Nobusuke my mind started putting parallels together... The Black Baronet Rises From The Dark (or: oh god oh fuck it's mosley) Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern...
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    Stupid deaths that never happened

    I'm sure it's as believable as when Kim Jong-il scored 38-under par and five holes-in-one on his first ever round of golf, or bowled a perfect 300 at his first ever try at bowling.
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    Stupid deaths that never happened

    That reminds me about the swimming pool meeting Mao had with Khrushchev in 58 in which the latter had to be given water wings before entering the pool. Imagine if the Chinese skipped that and went "swim, bitch."
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    Stupid deaths that never happened

    Jean Chrétien was almost assassinated by a deranged separatist a few nights after the 1995 Quebec independence referendum. What truly pushes it into stupid territory is the fact that security around 24 Sussex Drive was so lax that the would-be killer spent 20 minutes throwing stones and waving a...
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    Late Qing Catastrophes: The Taiping Rebellion

    Ah, in that case please forgive me for that assumption. I didn't see any lead into or mention of the other rebellions, so I thought to bring it up, but it's understandable not to turn to that just yet given the constraints.
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    Late Qing Catastrophes: The Taiping Rebellion

    One thing the article is leaving out is that the Qing were so tied down due to facing no less than three non-Taiping rebellions all at the same time, with some lasting even longer than the Taiping. The Nian Rebellion in northern China, the Miao Rebellion in Guizhou, and the Hui Rebellion in the...