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  1. J

    The Tom Wintringham Thread, or 'What to do with "England's Last Revolutionary"?'

    I don't know how common it is to have a thread on just one person, but I find Tom Wintringham fascinating. In the book 'Tom Wintringham: The Last English Revolutionary', written by Hugh Purcell and Phyll Smith, he's quoted as saying: "Spain woke me up politically. I rediscovered democracy, the...
  2. J

    Edward VIII remaining King and its potential effects on World War Two and British Politics

    Now, this is a bit of a weird one. I'm not particularly attached to what the reason would be to keep him in power, whether that's him not marrying Simpson, or whatever would make sense. I'm curious as to the effect that, if Edward VIII had stayed as monarch, what happens if World War Two and...
  3. J

    What if RFK wasn't assassinated in 1968?

    Don't have much to say beyond the title. He was hugely popular, and was easily one of the frontrunners, if not the frontrunner. Do you think he'd have won the primary? What about the actual election? What would his platform be if he won? There's a lot of good questions here and I hope people...
  4. J

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Malta?

    Dom Mintoff of the Maltese Labour Party proposed Maltese integration into the United Kingdom, in which they would gain three seats in Parliament and roughly have a similar position as Northern Ireland with its own local parties. The referendum to join Britain, while boycotted by some, had 77% in...
  5. J

    'The Gracchi Dream': How to make a more equal Republic without being murdered?

    I've got a challenge for you all. The Roman Republic's systems of elections were either archaic or entirely based on wealth/birth. Much of the economy in the Late Republic was based on slave plantations gained through the conquest and subjugation of foreign lands. Mob violence began to become...
  6. J

    The Hammer and Sickle with the Stars.

    There was a proposal for a joint lunar mission during the early 1960s between the United States of America, and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This proposal involved pooling the resources together for one trip. John F. Kennedy proposed this to the United Nations, but Khrushchev turned down...
  7. J

    The Anatolian Labyrinth

    The region of Anatolia, specifically before World War One, was one of the most diverse places in the world, with Turks, Greeks, Armenians, Kurds and many more living there under the Ottoman Empire. However, the Ottoman Empire fell, and as a result, this region was almost destined to come into...
  8. J

    An Anti-Fascist Commonwealth: 'If its so easy, Blair, then you do it!'

    Eric Blair, or George Orwell was known for many works, specifically often '1984' and 'Animal Farm' amongst most political commentators, but also 'Homage to Catalonia' for many Anarchists. However, something he's less well known for is his writing on what he wished for the British Empire. He...
  9. J

    Michael Foot as PM: How likely and what would've been done if he was?

    Question as in the title. What would've it have taken to get Michael Foot as Prime Minister, and what policies would he have implemented as a result of his election as Labour leader? Time probably from 1945-1990.
  10. J

    A Left Wing without a Marxist Engine: No Marx?

    If Marx died, or just didn't get as famous as he did, who could step up to the plate, or would we have a completely decentralised left in terms of its theory?
  11. J

    A Failure of Lenin: What happens next?

    The October Revolution is potentially one of the most important single events of the 20th century that redefined how many saw the Far Left, as well as more geopolitically the dominance of the Soviets after WW2 and the Cold War. Maybe the final push from Estonia is able to capture Petrograd and...
  12. J

    British 1930's POD's.

    While the world seemed to be exploding, Britain remained largely stable due to its national government and other policies. What POD's exist to maybe shake that up, and see an alternate future for the UK and the Commonwealth? Biggest one I can think of is the Abdication Crisis, or the chaos in...
  13. J

    A Navy with a State Graphics

    I got inspired to make something. I'll post the Naval State flag while I'm at it. Flag being a combination of the Royal Navy and Commonwealth. Writing summary for the start of the NSoB.
  14. J

    Post-1453 Byzantines: Could they have held the city?

    The idea of a Byzantine revival is one of the most common ideas in Alternate History, with the idea of a legitimate Roman successor state surviving fascinating many. However, it is easy to have them survive after say 1025, or 1180, or even in the 1300s. It is much harder by the time of the...
  15. J

    No Assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand

    First POD discussion post on here, so let's make it a biggie. Whether Franz Ferdinand goes home the first time he's attacked in Sarajevo, or the sandwich myth is true and Gavrillo goes to the bathroom after wolfing down a BLT and misses his shot. Now, the alliances by this point have long...