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    Ramifications of a different Time of Troubles

    In the early 1600s, Russia underwent a crisis of succession - the end of the Rurikid dynasty, hastened by Ivan IV at least allegedly committing filicide, led to a period of instability known as the Time of Troubles. Part of this time saw the Polish-backed pretender known as the First False...
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    Wolfram's Storage Thread

    Well, I guess this might as well happen. I'm going to start this off with something inspired by @Turquoise Blue (specifically by A Stitch In Time): 1953-1957: Adlai Stevenson II/John Sparkman (Democratic) '52 def. Robert A. Taft/Edwin L. Mecham (Republican), Earl Warren/Charles E. Wilson...
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    Infobox and other Wikipedia Graphics Thread

    Hey, y'all, I thought that we could use one of these over here. To start us off, some miscellaneous infoboxes: