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    AHC: A Corbyn majority

    I've written a few lists with Labour in power post 2015 (or 16) but usually they're minorities with Lib Dem or SNP support or coalitions following a Lib Dem resurgence. So my first question is. How do you get Jeremy Corbyn into no.10 after his election as leader in 2015. And secondly. How do...
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    AHC: Labour-Lib Dem govt in 1992

    Yes, it is time for Bolt wanking on about voting reform. Two parter: 1) Get a Labour-Lib Dem coalition or Labour W/ Lib Dem S&C Govt as the outcome of the 1992 election (or at least the next election after the 1987 one) 2) What would this government do, how would it go? PoD no earlier than...
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    What would a Gore presidency look like?

    I'm writing a low-key alternate history (ish) story at the moment and one of the characters is from a world which diverges with Florida going to Gore in 2000. I've vaguely outlined the world and how it influences the day to day life of the character (who was only 10 at the time of the PoD) and...
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    Continuity UK Government in the Orkneys or Shetlands

    This is based on an AH.com thread entitled "Taiwan your country". In the event of a 1926 general strike leads to revolution or Kaiserreich/People's Flag type scenario. What are the chances of the UK Government withdrawing to one of the UK's islands and setting up a government there? I had an...
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    Policies of a Cleggmania Government

    I found an old PMs list And this left me wondering. Lets say there was only one debate in 2010. It was the week before the election and Britain went into a high Electoral Calculus *"Boo! boo! Rhubarb! Custard!"* puts the Lib Dems on around 130 seats on the one poll they were in the lead...
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    Thread moved to writing

    Moved to the writing subforum
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    Alliance Win in 1983: Voting Reform?

    Reading about last nights Meatball election and does anyone know what electoral system the Liberal/SDP Alliance supported? Especially in the event of their getting a majority in 1983 (and did this change between 83 and 87) (alternatively, would this change in the event of an Alliance-Labour...
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    AHC: Post War Grand Coalition/National Government?

    So, without use of nuclear weapons. Have a scenario that results in a interbellum style National government form. For more points have a Lab-Con Grand coaltion form. (formed after war. none of this @Mumby-ish continuation of pre or during war government, Bob, I love you Bob) Points will be...