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    Alternative Ideologial Spectrums

    Most alternate history seems content to replicate the economic left-right division as the primary way of viewing political thought. This is fine; economic issues are likely to come to the forefront in any history because people want to eat and other people will create systems around such. Plus...
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    Lymeswold cheese survives?

    In an attempt to increase the balance of payments and use up surplus milk, the Milk Marketing Board created a new cheese in 1982. The name, Lymeswold, was chosen by a public competition, and the type selected from observing that there was a gap in the British market for a soft blue cheese...
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    Is there a limit on how many threads one member can start within a certain time?

    I'm not going to name any names here, but over half the threads in the Scenarios folder have been started by the same member within the last three or four days. Does this count as spam, or am I being a miserable git?
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    AHC: More combined political movements and artistic movements

    As odd as it may seem to some, art and politics have been combined often. Many prominent Futurists advocated a sort of proto-fascism, the Surrealist movement had strong left-anarchist sympathies, and the Situationists regarded their art and their politics as inseparable. The trend of...
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    Something has happened to me

    I can't seem to access The Pub, and the subform is not appearing on my dash.
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    WI: More sports involving cars?

    Sports with cars in them besides motor racing did briefly exist--Auto Polo lasted for a surprisingly long time. What could have let sports such as these survive?