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    Africa During the Scramble: The Settler's Republic

    An absolutely fascinating article. I’ve always been curious about the circumstances of Liberia being formed but hadn’t ever read so thorough an account of it. Also an aside, but I noticed one or two wee typos (“apron springs” instead of strings, “Operation parties” near the end instead of...
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    Something has happened to me

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    Review: Dillinger in Charleston

    Well I’m definitely inclined to give Mr Ciccone’s back catalogue a look off the strength of that review.
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    AHC: More/Different Parties in UK EuroParl Delegations

    From the Norn Iron perspective there’s only one realistic addition, given that all of the big four have had lengthy goes in the theee Northern Irish seats (and indeed the DUP and UUP have held them uninterrupted since 1979). The only other person with any real chance is Jim Allister, former DUP...