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    Election maps and assorted others

    I wonder what people in 1990 would have said if you told them the East/West division would be more psephologically visible thirty years later than it was then.
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    Fiction Friction: The Transatlantic Divide in Fantasy Covers

    That's an interesting combination as it's minimalistic but also 1970s - not too dissimilar to some British editions from the same decade, but usually it wouldn't be reduced to a vignette on ours.
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    'Between the Helpless and the Darkness' review

    Now there's an original take on a Harald Hardrada what-if. Also lets you do AH about a historical figure most people at British schools will have heard of in passing, and already was the type to have travelled pretty much everywhere and fought pretty much everyone - great concept.
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    What Are Some Interesting PODs For The French Revolution?

    I recently read a history of the Revolution and I was struck, even more so than other major historical events, by just how many possible PODs there were in such a relatively short period of time, any one of which would have resulted in an unrecognisable world. Can't think of specifics off the...
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    Fiction Friction: The Transatlantic Divide in Fantasy Covers

    No problem Gary. I've realised this is a potentially rich vein in future articles, as well as discovering that a number of people who make reading-related Youtube videos have had the same idea.
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    Review: Guns of the South

    Not sure if I've ever even seen GOTS on the shelves in the UK - there are a few Turtledove books I could only find in the US or Canada. (Same with How Few Remain, though the other TL-191 books did arrive here).
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    Review: Guns of the South

    That or flags, isn't it. Mind you, there's loads of Worldwar covers, those are the American ones but our ones are quite different - except for the third book I have the American one because there didn't seem to be a copy of that one in the entire country when I ordered it. I've got an article...
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    The Hour of the Wolfe

    Posted with a reminder about submission - just a note to everyone that I won't be online for a week so the social media will not be resuming updates till Friday.
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    Thandean Representation: The 2015 and 2019 Canadian Federal Elections Under Another Voting System

    Great work (and @Caprice as well for the map). Yes, popular vote figures would be interesting.
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    Fiction Friction: Absurd Blurbs and the Riftwar Cycle

    My favourite bit was how Kirby always depicted Angua as wearing leggings (on "Men at Arms", "Feet of Clay", "Jingo"), which is never mentioned in the books, right up until "The Fifth Elephant" when he stopped...the same book where Pratchett mentioned her in the text as wearing leggings for the...
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    Review: The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal

    Totally nicking that for the sershal meedja description. I admit my first thought was to wonder whether she was related to Joe Biden.
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    Thandean Representation: The 2015 and 2019 Canadian Federal Elections Under Another Voting System

    Great to see you continuing with this. I'll tag @Bruno as I don't think he's seen this thread and may be interested, especially as you're on to Quebec now.
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    Andrew Harvey and Matthew Kresal nominated for Sidewise Award

    Congratulations to both of you, if I didn't say it before!
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    Jared Kavanagh nominated for Sidewise Award

    I know, I can't believe it - seemed huge when it was just me and Bruno getting one in, and now... What I can't get over is I always felt the Sidewise people were very much in the 'the world outside America does not exist' category, but if anything they seem to now have been taken over by an...
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    Jared Kavanagh nominated for Sidewise Award

    D'oh, I completely missed your name - time to edit some posts! edit: fixed - quite amazing that between you and Andrew we've sewn up 2/3 of the nominees in that category!