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    Behind the Scenes: Lands of Red and Gold

    Agreed, it was insightful and I'd enjoy more of these.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    Given all the timelines about government politicking, are there any prominent examples of an AH focused on the IOC, FIFA, or other big international sporting bodies? It seems like there'd be plenty of sleaze and sauce in such subject matter to keep readers entertained.
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    Panel Discussion: What is Plausibility?

    A great read, folks.
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    Living the Twenties: V,W,X

    I still encounter this attitude amongst a few older women I know and just can't fathom it.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    I gather there is a Port Security Unit - maybe its analogue secures port facilities in countries such as South Korea and South Vietnam, fending off saboteurs or spooks but also taking on policing duties like anti-smuggling measures?
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    I didn't know it was as simple as calling a number.
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    Non-SLP Writing Opportunities

    Pro rates, but not a lot of time till the deadline.
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    Felis Futura

    Some time back folks here helped me out with vocabulary for uplifted animals, and the short story in question is now out in Felis Futura... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B3952F6G I recognize a couple other names in the list of authors, but am not sure if any are active SLP members.
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    Allo Americana

    Good show. You folks covered a lot of ground there.
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    Allo Americana

    Giving it a listen now.
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    We just gotta convince @SpanishSpy to develop a sequel anthology?
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    Interview: Leo McBride

    Three small points come to mind: It's an aside, but the comment about book covers got me thinking that I have consciously not submitted to markets if I really loathe their proposed cover art. On the reaction to Challenger, I like his thinking - things don't have to worse, and small differences...
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    Alternate History in Star Trek Part 9: The Continuing Mission of TNG

    I was (today) years old when I learned that Gene Roddenberry had a thing about the name "Noonien".
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    Review: For All Mankind: Season Two

    It was interesting to hear the local talk radio host all enthusiastic about the alternate history elements of season 3. Even use the phrase alternate history. Dude quite like the little news snippets up front and how they recontextualized historical clips to do it.
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    Non-SLP Writing Opportunities

    Thanks for this. The second person-perspective, present-tense horror flash sounds like a hoot to try.