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    AHC: Islamic India

    Sorry for the late reply, but I think you misunderstood what I said. When I said "Some of the Maluku Islands, which are in Eastern Indonesia, are Muslim majority but they were vital to the spice trade.", I meant some of the Maluku Islands were exceptions in Eastern Indonesia in being Muslim...
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    How would India have fared under S.C. Bose's continued leadership?

    How much chance do you see of a Tamil secesionist party eventually winning an election in Tamil Nadu in this timeline? If it happened, how would Bose's government respond?
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    How would India have fared under S.C. Bose's continued leadership?

    Could Subhas Chandra Bose have prevented the partition of India? For all his flaws, Bose was very secular. He even wanted a 50% quota for Muslims in the Indian Parliament.
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    AHC: Anglo-French mutual invasions, wars, alliances, personal unions, or significant general politicking between 486 AD and 1066 AD

    Not to deviate from the subject of the thread and no offense, but think you are misinformed in regards to Neolithic DNA in modern British people. IIRC, the Neolithic farmers of the British Islands were almost entirely displaced. Only about 10% of their DNA survived in later populations of the...
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    What if ASBs antipodally swap the hemispheres for Australasia and Iberia in the 1890s, or in the 1930s?

    As I said, the mild climate in Northern Europe is because not only of the Gulf Stream but also the westerly winds. It is also seen in the west coasts of North America and South America.
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    Egypt with Sudan?

    I posted a thread here a year ago about Anglo-Egyptian Sudan being divided between Egypt and Uganda at the Juba Conference of 1947, https://forum.sealionpress.co.uk/index.php?threads/sudan-divided-between-egypt-and-uganda.4159/.
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    A Communist, non-hermit, North Korea

    https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/wi-kim-il-sung-dies-before-korea-is-liberated.430894/post-16050154 discusses the four different factions of the Korean Communist Party. It appears unlikely that any other plausible Korean Communist leader would have come up with Kim Il Sung's...
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    AH Challenge: No African-American 20th century 'Great Migration' north and west

    I doubt Reconstruction could be successful but even if it was, some degree of black migration to the Northeast, Midwest and, to a lesser extent, West is still inevitable, IMO, because the American Civil War set back the economy of the South by a century.
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    What if ASBs antipodally swap the hemispheres for Australasia and Iberia in the 1890s, or in the 1930s?

    Sweden, Norway and Finland are mild for their latitude because not only the Gulf Stream but also the westerly winds.
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    Africa During the Scramble: Spanish Slaves

    Great article. Here is an interesting fact: Spain had major problems asserting control over Annobón in the first decades because the locals were pro-Portuguese and didn't want to be ruled by Spain. Annobón is very much like São Tomé and Príncipe and speaks a Portuguese based creole. It's largely...
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    In Memoriam: Eric Flint

    May Eric Flint rest in peace. I must admit I had never heard of him before, though.
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    Jewish Egypt

    There is an incredibly hot debate among historians as to whether Jews in Classical Antiquity sought converts and, if so, to what extent. Note Himyar converted to Judaism.
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    Jewish Egypt

    Not to deviate from the subject of the thread, but the story thar Vladimir of Kiev didn't convert to Islam because of alchol and pork story is fable. The alcohol taboo was widely disregarded in the pre-modern Islamic world. The pork taboo is more problematic but pork was the major protein...
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    What if an early European Coal and Steel Community is set up in 1919?

    Were Germany's losses to Czechoslovakia really intolerable? They weren't really losses. The Sudetenland were part of Austria-Hungary, not Germany.
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    Jewish Egypt

    You misunderstood me. I didn't mean I considered the Exodus historical. I should have said story insead of history. I meant the story of the Exodus could drive away Egyptians from converting to Judaism as it portrays the Jews/Hebrews defeating the Egyptians who enslaved them. Anyways, Egypt had...