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    Alternate History General Discussion

    I've also seen pro writers who do amateur fiction as well say "I'm not going to read constructive criticism on this, I do it for fun, if I go down that road it just becomes more work and I'm not even getting paid for it" Which was a bit of a shock the first time but I get the logic of
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    Lesser-Known Near-Deaths and Near-Misses

    There's the time part of Mrs Truman's piano crashed through the floor into the White House dining room below in June 1948.
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    Healey 1980, Benn 1981

    I can see ways for Been to do better - the big one is that I'm not sure Foot backing Healey would carry as much weight as OTL (though you can certainly argue it didn't much anyway)
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    New moderators

    I would also like to thank @Redolegna again for his work
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    Alternate History in Star Trek, part 4: Early Novels, the TOS Movies and More Comics

    As a broader comment I think a Mirror Universe type idea can work well (though there are issues with the Discovery take as you mention) and DS9's biggest problem is insisting on it being the same Mirror Universe.
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    Alternate History in Star Trek, part 4: Early Novels, the TOS Movies and More Comics

    Wasn't Salvatore told to do that rather than it being a personal decision?
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    Orban wins in 2006

    Yeah the Poland comparison is probably a good one
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    Orban wins in 2006

    So having been listening to a podcast episode on Hungarian politics ahead of the upcoming election, this struck me as an interesting POD. It was fairly close vote-wise and it's pretty plausible Gyurscany doesn't get re-elected and Orban returns to power four years ahead of OTL. The podcast in...
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    It wasn't in government at the time (and arguably failed to enter government specifically because of this) but the Union of the Left broke up in Frabce in 1978 because of the Communists adopting a pro-nuke stance at odds with the agreement with the Socialists and the Left Radicals.
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    Extremely minor "signature" tropes you enjoy?

    A more federal Britain (and somewhat less minorly, PR)
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    The Nitpicker’s Guide to Ancient Warfare: Introduction

    Ah, the version I'd heard was that they originally were going to show him sans helmet at some point and Urban insisted otherwise because of same
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    The Nitpicker’s Guide to Ancient Warfare: Introduction

    I think that was also specifically at the insistence of the actor, wasn't it?
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    Britain exchanges Weihaiwei for the New Territories; other concessions for greater Hong Kong?

    Honestly I can't help but think "no 99 year lease" may mean an earlier end to British Hong Kong, as China's still got the incentive to push for it back and it's not even about trying to make sure the planned end date stays that way(/and is the end date for all of it).
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    Alternate History General Discussion

    I think @Heat mentioned Poland had an independent deterrent project in the 70s that almost came off according to some?
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    Tonton’s Early Victory or Mitterrand wins in ‘65

    That's interesting, previously I'd heard that the surprise was it going to a second round - did people get overexcited in the two weeks in between maybe?