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    AHC: Theresa May, the British Kim Campbell

    I think that kind of collapse would have been possible if there were an election around the same time as the 2019 Euros. The problem is that the Tories would never allow an election at that point. Maybe there could be a succesful VoNC, but that would require the Tory defectors to support it, and...
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    WI: May resigns in 2017

    I suspect he wouldn't be able to resist one or two 'both sides' comments that would attract huge disapproval from almost everyone, but he would ultimately be bounced into supporting strong sanctions by his own party. You might see a tougher line on the financial sector, but more feet dragging on...
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    WI: May resigns in 2017

    Boris would be a contender, but I dont see MPs nominating him in their droves as they did in 2019. Things hadn't got as desperate as they did in the Euros yet. There was a lot of talk of David Davis as a unity candidate in the days after the 2017 GE. I imagine he runs, and fishes in the same...
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    Effects of a 'yes' victory in the 2011 Alternative Vote referendum?

    I highly doubt that. Those Labour voters who do express a preference between Farage and the Tories would break overwhelmingly for the latter. Even before the referendum, most Labour voters were liberal remainers, especially in southern seats.
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    Effects of a 'yes' victory in the 2011 Alternative Vote referendum?

    If we are to take subsequent studies at face value, then it's true the Tories would have actually done slightly better in 2015. I personally think that doesn't butterfly 2017, as having half a dozen more seats still isn't going to insulate May from the brexit related rebellions she likely had in...
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    Corbyn leads largest party: Does he get to become PM

    If 2017 turns out this well, then I think the most likely situation is LOTO being drunk enough on their own success to go for a second election after making a big song and dance of the smaller parties not supporting a programme that is entirely copy and pasted from the Labour manifesto. If...
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    What if Murdo Fraser won?

    Ruth Davidson not being Tory leader in this situation probably means there are fewer gains in 2017. Even if they had a few more than OTL, it probably doesn't change things hugely. May wouldn't need to suffer the humiliation of paying off the DUP, but she's still going to be beholden to another...
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    WI: Successful Bonfire Night plot to topple Miliband

    Yes, but that was in large part because Corbyn had the will to cling on in the face of public humiliation, which is unlikely to be true for most conventional politicians. I'm pretty sure that Ed said during the 2016 coup that he would have gone if faced with the same situation.
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    AHC: Have Labour and the Liberals be the two major parties of Britain Politics?

    I think this is achievable in a TL where the Falklands War is lost, or you somehow get an election called at the Alliance's peak before then. The Tories were a lot more vulnerable to a strong Alliance performance than Labour, and you could well end up with them in third place in terms of seats...
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    AHC: A Corbyn majority

    There is even less of a chance of a cross party deal in this situation. Labour's main interest in striking one was in neutralising a politically awkward issue. Unlike them, the Tories actually have a viable path to power by committing strongly to one side, and it just so happened to be the one...
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    AHC: A Corbyn majority

    I don't think that on its own results in 60 odd seats flipping from Tory to Labour. But there are dozens of SNP seats that Labour weren't too far off from taking back in 2017. So I think the solution is to screw over both the Tories and the SNP by having Grenfell and the Salmond revelations...
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    London Mayoral PODs

    A somewhat obvious PoD, but Livingstone winning in 2012 could have some very interesting implications if he put himself forward again four years later-the reason being that three candidates for the Labour selection in 2016 nominated Corbyn as a way to curry favour with the membership-which...
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    Alternate Wikibox Thread

    Hell Yes, We Can, Pt. 4 A referendum took place on Thursday 19 September 2019 on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. The referendum question was, "Should Scotland be an independent country?", which voters answered with "Yes" or "No". The "No" side won with 2,035,259 (60.5%) voting...
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    A More Successful SDP/Alliance?

    But in OTL, the Tories still faced those problems, and were re-elected fairly comfortably, as were the vast majority of incumbents in the west at this time. So what is it about the Alliance that means they would be unable to do something similar? But it's not obvious how losing the Falklands...
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    A More Successful SDP/Alliance?

    Losing the Falklands could do it, but that has been done a lot. The other change that could lead to exponential Alliance success would be to give Thatcher a far smaller victory than she got in 1979, which enables her to govern, but also makes her vulnerable to the loss of a dozen or so MPs. If...