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    Makemakean Does Various Graphical Things!

    These are seriously cool. Bravo.
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    WI: No Renner Government / Soviet Liberation of Vienna ?

    Reading up on early Cold War Austria, it appears that the Western Allies originally had no intention of re-establishing the 1920 Austrian Constitution and would have instead preferred a bottom-up reconstruction of the Austrian state like how things happened in Germany. Instead, the Soviet...
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    Election maps and assorted others

    I see the Holstein-Gottorp remain the reigning house?
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    Nanwe's Maps and Graphics Thread

    In 1924, there finally was an election to fill the seats. But by then so much had happened that I didn't include it. Also because I can't find the district breakdown.
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    Nanwe's Maps and Graphics Thread

    So wiki-style (may include full English name under the party's acronym). Very much inspired by/copied from the style used by User:Julio974fr and his collection of maps of Belgian historical elections since 1945.
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    Nanwe's Maps and Graphics Thread

    Frankly, the unexpected thing was that Puerto Rico’s municipalities are the same and with the same shape as they held in 1893.
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    Nanwe's Maps and Graphics Thread

    Actually, nevermind, I was looking for stuff on the 1925 election and came across this lovely, very time-appropriate graphic that shows how official documents depicted the Slovak mess:
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    Nanwe's Maps and Graphics Thread

    I actually never found the boundaries, rather I found a 1919-1920 municipal map, still reflecting the inherited districts from Hungary before reorganisation. Which was perfect because that’s how they’re shown in the 1920 election monographic I had but totally different from what the 1920...
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    Nanwe's Maps and Graphics Thread

    And it's finished. Can't believe it has taken so much effort and time but here it is. Next up, the 1920 Senate election. I'm thinking of doing a basemap for the 1925-1935 elections (as the borders of the country and the districts changed but not sure yet).
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game 4

    Damn that’s a really fast start
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    AHC: Save Yugoslavia

    Quoting myself from an earlier thread, because I think it's still a decent idea. Also, concerning wealth, as you can see below, wealthy areas were really concentrated in Slovenia and the touristic parts of Croatia (as well as Zagreb) and Vojvodina.
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    Nanwe's Maps and Graphics Thread

    AHHHHHHH So I found a Czech website that contains the most precise map of the interwar constituencies for Slovakia. And it's something. But also something very useful moving forward, in combination with some other maps I have and the current access to my desktop here in Spain. Behold, the...
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game 4

    Same here.
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    Weimar Germany- A,B,C

    Absolutely agreed on this point, if not mistaken the very harsh reparations demanded by France were seen also as a way to cripple Germany in the absence of a system of collective security organised around France-UK-US, or definitely, that's how Clemenceau saw it, as a second/third-best scenario...
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    Caprice's Maps and What-Not

    Have to say, I quite like the look from the superposition of the colours on the original map, just aesthetically.