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    Successful February 1927 Portuguese Revolt

    Surely the British or the other colonial to keep control and maybe set up some form of local government they could dominate, but the main focus would be keeping the unrest out of their holdings
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    WI: Wendell Willkie Lives

    Wendell Willkie died in 1944 and he and his VP running mate are the only ticket to both die in the term they were running for. To quote his Wikipedia page "Although defeated in the election, Willkie had become a major figure on the public scene, and at age 48, was deemed likely to remain one...
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    2001 Restoration of the Afghan Monarchy

    Maybe we need a different monarch for this to work
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    2001 Restoration of the Afghan Monarchy

    Random point but do you think the Gulf Monarchies will invest money and influence in trying to support a fellow Muslim monarchy?
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    British Intervention in Rwanda?

    My understanding of Rwanda is the genocide took every by surprise in the West, also has it was never a British colony the FCO probably won't have any particular special insight or to be following develops too closely. If Rwanda was a former colony could see something happening but as is I cannot...
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    2001 Restoration of the Afghan Monarchy

    Also if your were worried about legitimacy you could try and do a referendum though how practical this would be to do in 2002 Afghanistan
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    2001 Restoration of the Afghan Monarchy

    Based on a quick reading of the Wikipedia there was some talk of restoring Mohammed Zahir Shah post the collapse of the Soviet backed government as he had pan-ethic support and his reign was seen as a fairly stable one, this never came to anything due to Pakistan's ISI. What if the Americans...
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    Effects of PM Maudling

    Assuming that Maudling beats Heath in 1965 and eventually becomes PM like Heath, how would he fair and what would be the notable differences. I think its far less likely we go into Europe but other than that I'm unsure of any major differences. I think Maudling is probably more personable so...
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    Murdoch: Pornography not the Premiership

    In the early 90s, Murdoch saw two lucrative paths to focus on in the next decade, live broadcasting of Football or Pornography. The latter was not chosen due to the risk involved, but what if instead of helping found the Premier League, Murdoch invests heavily in pornography?
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    A Stronger SDP?

    I think another fact to strengthen the SDP is to weaken the Tories as well, so maybe a failed Falklands and maybe a Tory split if in that scenario a wet and ineffective wet takes charge. Hard to see but for the SDP to thrive you need to weaken there enemies not just boost them.
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    Prime Minister Greenwood

    I'm no expert but I think he lacks the killer touch to be PM, I can see him getting it either as placeholder in a scenario where Labour are in power and doomed to defeat so best get a somewhat safe pair of hands or in a quite contentious leadership battle where he can sort of balance the sides...
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    WI: Baldwin Resigns in 1931

    Well Mosley winning Ladywood was the Pod for EdT's TL a Greater Britain if I remember correctly
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    WI: Baldwin Resigns in 1931

    Yeah from what I gleamed it would have been Neville but that seemed a bit dull,I thought about Austen maybe as I assumed he would held more appeal for the Press Barons. My current plan was to delay Mosley's New Party till the August Crisis where MacDonald presses forward with the cuts, at the...
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    WI: Baldwin Resigns in 1931

    I'm thinking about doing a TL where Baldwin loses the Westminster St George By Election in 1931, maybe as the candidate himself as he thought about doing. Who do you think would replace him, would it be someone Beaverbrook and Rothermere would approve of or someone not interested in tariffs. I...
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    Is a Fascist Russia likely to be an expansionist power or a status quo power?

    I hadn't heard of it before but it was featured on this Podcast, can't remember at what section but its worth a listen