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    NEW RELEASES: Alternate Irelands, Australias, Americas and Englands

    Discuss these four new books here.
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    Interview: Tom Black

    It was recently, and that's actually why I spelled it the Wrong way - the drive to Kiev is very different to the drive to Kyiv.
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    Interview: Tom Black

    True, but I wanted to use a fresh synonym for 'wwii innit'.
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    Interview: Tom Black

    LTTW is sort of cheating, but because major plot elements are about South America, that was what I had in mind.
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    Interview: Tom Black

    Altarctica: Hot and Cold Stories
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    Interview: Tom Black

    Thanks for the write-up, Gary. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years - 7 years before the day we launched, I was finishing school.
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    In Memoriam: Eric Flint

    Rest in peace to a man who certainly left his mark.
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    SLP Publishing Guidelines

    I’ve replied to you, if you’re who I think you are.
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    Expired HTTPS certificate for the forums

    This should be fixed now, thanks to those who flagged it. It's also been set to auto-renew from now on, at least that's what they've told me.
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    AHC: Theresa May, the British Kim Campbell

    I found it very funny dw
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    AHC: Theresa May, the British Kim Campbell

    Wasn’t Kim Campbell the Canadian Kim Campbell?
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    The Nitpicker's Guide to Ancient Warfare: Bows

    Discuss this article by @David Flin here.
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    Alternate History in Star Trek part 7: The Final TOS Films, More Novels and Comics

    Discuss this article by @Thande here.
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    Are we allowed to share fundraiser links

    Yes, but thanks for asking.
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    Subforum fishing trips