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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    Is it, really? I mean, I certainly remember there being a few people back in the Old Country that were very conservative when it came to butterfly nets, but none of them ever ended up writing anything of any substance, or do anything to genuinely shape or direct the genre. That basically, they...
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    Makemakean Does Various Graphical Things!

    Oh, yeah! I remember those books! My parents bought me and my sister one of them (in Swedish translation) when we were kids about how various household appliances work.
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    Makemakean Does Various Graphical Things!

    Thank you, good gentlemen, that is very heartwarming. I've always been fond of drawing robots. When I was a kid, I would at times just fill entire pages with them in my spare time.
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    Makemakean Does Various Graphical Things!

    Well, at least my students cannot complain about the illustrations in the handouts I give them...
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    AHC: Have Labour and the Liberals be the two major parties of Britain Politics?

    That’s rather the point, trying to win over rural landowners, becoming the party of the countryside as opposed to the Tories. I’d reckon you kind of need Lord Salisbury to have an accident, though.
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    AHC: Have Labour and the Liberals be the two major parties of Britain Politics?

    This basically was what happened in Denmark (though admittedly, Højre/De Konservative have had periods when they have been bigger than Venstre, as in fact they are in the polls right now). It was accomplished as Venstre successfully positioned themselves as the party of farmers and the...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    I do love the notion that when Americans return to the Moon, the press spins this as something bad for the incumbent US President on the grounds of ”You know who was President last time Astronauts went to the Moon?”
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    The American Mafia in a World with no Castro

    So, you say Batista's gone? Did you know that? I had no idea.
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    Makemakean Does Various Graphical Things!

    At first glance, yes, there is a similitude, but Mr Blake has a better feel for how to draw arms than I have, and secondly, he doesn’t actually use quite as many lines in his drawings as I have done here. Finally, his hands (the ones he draw, that is) are not quite as sausagey as mine.
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    Makemakean Does Various Graphical Things!

    Decided to try to draw Ernelinde again, because apparently, that is all that I am capable of drawing these days... I think I should try drawing more dynamical figures after that, figures that are moving. I like Emperor Arthur, I like his somewhat gnarly body, with long limps and everything. I...
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    Late Qing Catastrophes: The West and the Second Opium War

    Yangtze and Canton generally are viewed to fall into the same territory as Confucius, Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-chek, Kublai Khan, Manchuria, and the Kuomintang. Yes, were we to be entirely consistent, we should talk about Kong Fuzi, Sun Yixian, Jiang Jieshi, Emperor Shizu of Yuan, Dongbei, and...
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    Prequel Problems: Young Montalbano

    You better include my rant about how Spock and Kirk not knowing who Khan is is akin to them not knowing who Hitler is. That rant. In its entirety.
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    Prequel Problems: Young Montalbano

    Disappointed. I expected the article to just be a long dissection of why Star Trek Into Darkness fails as a movie, and why the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch in particular was a poor choice.
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    pernament Third party in United states.

    In my opinion, the lack of success of third parties in the United States is neither the First-Past-the-Post, nor the presidential system. It's not even the fact that third parties generally have no sense of strategy. The problem is that the United States has historically, and continues to this...
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    1788: The Lion, The Unicorn, The Fox and the Madness of King George III

    Also, it's perfectly clear what would happen if the King was deemed to be ill. His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, would have to be declared Regent, King in all but name. With all the powers, subject to Parliament. And certainly, all the funds. America forgiven! London rebuilt! Parliament...