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  1. J

    Ming Campbell in 2010

    Guess there are two parts to that. One is how important Nick's debate performance was to the final result and two - would have Ming run a tighter ship during the campaign and not wasted effort (party resources, activists) on long shots? Assumedly @iainbhx has thoughts
  2. J

    What If Poland Stopped the Blitz? Part 1

    Even just mobilising further would be an interesting POD. If say they were a week further ahead on their mobilisation that would slow Germany down a fair bit, better weapons or nor.
  3. J

    Soul City, North Carolina

    Interesting! I have to wonder how sustainable it was as a long term economic prospect, given the county itself tho. One large employer small rural towns are nervous places to live, after all
  4. J

    Federal New Zealand

    There wasn't really a strong island identity either, at least contrasted to the provincial identities of the time. Probably still isn't today, although perhaps more so than then. I do identify as a South Islander, though, but it is pretty low level compared to other self identifications I hold.
  5. J

    A More Successful Scottish Socialist Party and other related ideas?

    I love the idea of SSP somehow getting a lot of money, ala someone winning Lotto and they end up going a bit nuts in the 03 election. Not convinced it would help a huge degree, but it would be a laugh
  6. J

    No Maori in New Zealand

    Pretty much. I would be interested to see some sort of study on the economic impact/integration of the early colonies/NZ. An old flatmate sort of works in this field and if anyone would know it would be him or his colleague in the department. Anyway, I get the feeling that there was a fair...
  7. J

    No Maori in New Zealand

    I think there are too many variables. It could even be there isn't an Australia, so big the POD is.
  8. J

    No Maori in New Zealand

    The key problem is that whilst it is reasonable to assume that a 19th century settlement might be more willing and able to try and control impact of humans on a virgin territory, the settlement would likely be quite slow and sporadic anyway. So in the first wave of settlers there could be many...
  9. J

    WI: Present-day Finland ISOTed back to 1939

    The more I think about it - this specific ISOT is interesting because of the DMZ
  10. J

    WI: Present-day Finland ISOTed back to 1939

    I find these ones quite interesting - because you have a really strong mismatch. 1. Finland 2021 is strong, with powerful 21st century military. 2. USSR 1939 is actually pretty strong, with vast strategic depth. Finland's military advantage is brittle and hard to keep at that edge. Far more...
  11. J

    AHC: Keep the London Underground as the largest RTS in the world

    This is very easy, just butterfly the Great Depression and WW2. That way you can slow/stop London's depopulation and also not disrupt the various expansion plans
  12. J

    London Mayoral PODs

    Slightly tweaking the mayoral voting system might make things more interesting, although probably not. Swapping SV for a more normal ranked system might end up with more interesting election campaigns anyway
  13. J

    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    Ahh yes, the good ship Kaskowiski which visited* Auckland in 1875 and helped cause a Russian scare.
  14. J

    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    I guess it just seems unlikely given the long gestation of the federation. Maybe in one of the states in the 1850s?
  15. J

    AHC: Balkanised Commonwealth of Australia

    Well NZ had a sort of similar situation, with the Provinces, where for various reasons it became possible to create new provinces quite easily. Maybe include something similar in the federal constitution