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    Map Commons

    I managed to find what I was looking for but thanks anyways.
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    Alternate Wikibox Thread

    Very interesting. Am I right in assuming the New Catholics are the result of some kind of reverse Plantation?
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game 2

    I wish the thought process was as thorough as some of the other posters', but here is my entry. I decided, as shown by Peter Price's leadership challenge, that there was growing discontent with Powell and his style of governance, and the results of the next leadership election results in a...
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game 2

    Sorry for the delay. Delivered to @Alex Richards
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    The Electric Sheep Pasture

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    How do you get a Tito style Britain?

    What would happen to Northern Ireland in this scenario? I doubt the Ulster Unionists would be too keen on a socialist Britain.
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game

    I'm interested in taking part
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    Biaggi’s Other Opium Den

    Well I guess that's one way to leave The Other Place
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    Map Commons

    Anyone have a higher quality version of the UK constituency map here? On most versions the borders aren't clearly defined so it makes it hard to fill in. When I try, it looks like this: (Sorry if this isn't the right thread for this)
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    Map Commons

    Interesting that Italians are the most common country of origin in Belgium. Is there any particular reason for that?
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    Election maps and assorted others

    Has anyone ever done a FPTP South Africa map? I'd be interested to see what that looked like.
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    Moth's Graphics & Test Thread

    Took me way to long to realise this wasn't an analogue of a Northern Irish election.
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    The Electric Sheep Pasture

    Your previous Encyclopaedia Galactica browsing history: Baseline humans
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    The Electric Sheep Pasture