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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    I think you just had a lot of "my alternate history dad's bigger than your alternate history's dad". I.E. could 1860 Britain/US map paint over 1860 US/Britain and then rule the universe/go full Dan Hannan. Which then evolved into Confederatephilia from the British and "the US could have taken...
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    What does an Nazi economic collapse look like?

    Never really been convinced by the idea of a crash. I mean the USSR was doing the same - why didn't their economy liquidate in the face of hyper inflation? I am not sure the wonders of glorious socialism is the answer. Obviously the later they do so the more damaging it would be - but Germany...
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    Let's discuss France Fights On a.k.a. the Fantasque Time Line

    France got a de Gaulle. The issue with the POD as I see it is the manufacturing and logistical base in North Africa. Lets say you could move a substantial portion of the army to Algeria - 1 million or so - this would clearly be a potent force. In OTL I think the Free French mustered 150k...
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    WI: Labour comes out against Brexit

    I don't know about seats - but surely the key is that the ideological milieu would be fundamentally different? If there was an election (and its not guaranteed) it would be de facto the second Brexit Referendum. Which probably means greater voter engagement, more bitterness, anger, and polarisation.
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    AHC: Thatcher leads Tories into a fourth general election

    The Tories obviously didn't call it the poll tax. Theoretically everyone is benefiting from council services so everyone should pay. Its not obvious that the size of your house determines how much use you make of local services. In any case Thatcher was stubborn and wouldn't give in - and...
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    Stopping the Thatcher-Reagan consensus

    Well - I think that's a reasonable example (even though I think fears of automation are dramatically exaggerated). Its one thing to prophesise the end of industry but its quite another to say what the millions of unemployed people will do instead. Its far easier to lean on government to...
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    Stopping the Thatcher-Reagan consensus

    The problem is I can't think of many instances where protectionist measures have encouraged innovation - or even rationalisation. I think its because usually - in the moment - all businesses appear in crisis. Typically all resources are earmarked for something, so its only later that you realise...
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    Stopping the Thatcher-Reagan consensus

    At the danger of showing my ideological blinkers, I don't see how you get there beyond a magic wand that makes everything better. I.e. lower inflation, greater productivity, happier management-worker-government relations. Giving a detailed breakdown on what AES is likely to do is difficult -...