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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    Good time for someone to write about women's football not being banned, init?
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    Self-threadban request?

    A mod can also put you on Mute in the thread which will prevent you from posting if you are too tempted - if you want this, just drop me a PM.
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    My name.

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    How long does it normally take to get a story reviewed?

    I know @Meadow has been very busy recently, but he is probably best placed to answer this as I do not know the process.
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    This is an option I would also like to see implemented but it does not currently seem to be a thing.
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    In Very Minor PoD news, I was thinking earlier how much higher placed West Ham could be if Antonio hadn't been injured earlier in the season, forcing us to rely on Haller. Or if Haller could actually score goals in the Premier League.
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    I'm having tremendous trouble responding to threads

    Cheers for getting this sorted so quickly @Meadow
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    Blackentheborg's city council archive filing cabinet

    Moderator Post I don't care how old any of you are, or pretend to be online, you are all acting in a manner that is really not appropriate for this forum. This is a friendly warning to cut it out. If your best response would not look out of place on a playground, just don't respond at all.
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Moderator Post Let's move on. Iain has already reminded you of the rules. Piling on people for piling on is NOT conductive to rule one. Next person to bring this back up isn't just getting a friendly reminder.
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    Site listed as not secure on Android.

    It is working fine on my android. Maybe something to do with your service provider if it is just saying it when you're on dayta?
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    Links hard to read in default style.

    As am I on Lib Dem theme.
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    Moderator Post You have recently requested and been granted a Fishing Trip, however, your conduct in this thread stirring up trouble based on off site drama and taking that drama to PMs is not acceptable. Going on a fishing trip is not a way to get out of being punished for poor behaviour. As...
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    The Fourth HoS List Challenge

    Thread pinned
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    Yeah as part of the update, Sammy the Sealion will be changed to Susan.
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    Looking at the top bar saying the forum may go down to apply Threadmarks, it seems that my greatest contribution to the forum is almost nigh.