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    Fiction Friction: Box Office Bombshells

    There's also an interesting thing about volume - Bagpuss, a staple of my childhood, has 13 episodes. Mr Benn, 14. Clangers has 26. Teletubbies, formative for my children, has 485. Tweenies has 390. There's just so much more of everything now.
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    Fiction Friction: Box Office Bombshells

    I think one of the most interesting things about the lived childhood media experience is just how fast it changes - it not a generational or even a decadal (is that a word) thing - it can almost be an annual thing, one where friends, siblings and parents can have such a massive influence and...
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    Prequel Problems: Terry Pratchett’s “Night Watch”

    It's interesting - I'm also a massive fan of the Discworld (I'm currently re-reading the series as I tend to do every few years). I tend to agree that it was somewhat out of place in what had become the continuity, and some of the things jar (although my head tells me Sam Vimes had started...
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    AHC: No Premier League

    No Heysel (so no ban) and no Hillsborough (so no Taylor report and no need to rebuild stadia) might change the financial pressure and progress of English clubs. I think the only way to prevent it is to either bring the Football League under FA control early in the history of the game, of have...
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    Very boring call, so I got to to pre-WWII, looking for titles decided by less than 1 win, and then looking to see if there was a single result that could be flipped from a win to a draw (or vice versa) to change the champions 1902-03 - Aston Villa win instead of The Wednesday 1904-05 - Everton...
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    With Cardiff you just need the modern GD then Goals Scored, rather than GA
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    1914-15 - If Oldham's game against Everton becomes a home win rather than a draw, Oldham win the league by 1 point
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    British League, Scottish Cup on a par with the County Cups (or Regional Cups in England?)
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    Professional Sports in the CSA

    I could easily see a divergence in oval ball sports - given some western schools played rugby rather than American Football pre-WW I, the dominance of the game developed in the north-eastern US (and how it developed) are all open to butterflies. I'd also suggest that any shared sports could get...
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    Wimbledon Old Central play in Milton Keynes, obviously. AFC Wimbledon Old Central are in London, in the ground they used to share with Kingston & Surbiton YMCA
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    Which (along wih @OwenM 's soviet style post) reminds of another silly little POD - what if clubs were not allowed to change thier name once founded (via some sort of convention), and the oldest name took precedence in the event of a merger? So we would have Newcastle East End, The Wednesday, St...
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    An decent number of football clubs were establlished as something for the players to do over the winter/bring in some income for Cricket Clubs. I think Sheffield being a single club city has potential for sure. How much more successful an alt-SWFC would be without their move(s) and another team...
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    I was reading a thing where someone visited the site of all the grounds Sheffield Wednesday had played at, as best he could (on their 150th anniversary, starting at The Crucible, built on the site of the hotel where the meeting that started the football version of The Wednesday happened). When...
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    AHC: Keep Buffalo in the big leagues

    Probably since the Expos were formed, because once the NL was in Canada, the AL is likely to want to be there. But if you can make that happen, you could have the alt-Blue Jays in Buffalo, two titles in 92 & 93 (butterflies, but you know), the Bills winning a couple of Superbowls, the Sabres...
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    The Sporting Life: The Hand of God

    It could well be my memory, but I was sure he did it twice, scoring with the first. In my mental chronology, it was just after the ball went just over Lineker's head at 2-1. [Just checked, it was Tapia (who?) who hit the post after it went to 2-1]. I absolutely agree that Maradona won the...