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    Able Archer '83: The Aftermath

    Pretty sure the US would still have some nukes left over, trying to carve chunks of it after miraculously surviving WW3 seems a losing proposition.
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    Review: Guns of the South

    Not sure that tracks tbh. For a start there are plenty of Confederate sympathisers in places that stayed loyal to the Union or indeed in countries that were never a party to the conflict at all. For another the atomic bombs were just big bombs used in a war that saw a hell of a lot of bombs...
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    Irish priests educated in England

    It would be the exact opposite of their policy OTL. They paid for Irish priests to be well educated and comfortable because they felt that the Gaelic speaking and Catholic masses were getting misled into rebellions and resistence by the rural clergy who were similar in background and status...
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    Review: Guns of the South

    I think it needs to be remembered that before the early 2000s or so hardly anyone had had got around to reading the Confederate declaration of independence, its constitution, its leaders speeches or letters about the war or what it was about or what they did to black people afterwards to keep as...
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    More Social Formality

    See that's odd because in the UK context you can call a friend boss, or your actual boss boss or someone who outranks you or for whatever reason has some sway but you don't want to make things awkward by calling them sir, maam, mr or what have you. Indeed some places have tried to stamp out the...
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    1980 Damascus, Ark. Detonation?

    Was there any risk of it going nuclear?
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    Israel, Palestine, and Malleability versus Accuracy in Alternate History

    I'd suggest not doing so tbh. Here is only likely to end in tears. Out in the real world we're certainly going to attract awful attention.
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    AHC: Save Yugoslavia

    I'm a bit of a weird one as I tend to think countries are fairly strong entities and with the right breaks can survive pretty much anything. So Yugoslavia could probably keep going until the modern day if just enough people in the right places wanted it to. Don't know nearly enough about it for...
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    20 July Plot Succeeds in Killing Hitler

    There is the potential for a very interesting TL or wargame where the Germans do fight it out in France as they wished to without Luttrich a decisive battle in 1944 near the Seine with Paris as the prize and thousands of tanks and aircraft kicking the shit out of each other is a bit more...
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    20 July Plot Succeeds in Killing Hitler

    I see a path for it 1943, though it runs into the issue that oddly 1943 was when Stalin was most magnanimus towards his allies as the lend lease shipments were arriving in force, the direction of travel was towards allied victories and the Allied invasion of Italy was initially successful enough...
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    20 July Plot Succeeds in Killing Hitler

    The battles in the Hutgen forest were a unique confluence of factors. The Allies were at the end of their logistics tether, the broad front strategy had stretched them out from the Channel to the Swiss Alps denying them a concentration of force, their inadequate replacement system meant that...
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    20 July Plot Succeeds in Killing Hitler

    I'd argue pretty firmly that by July 1944 is very much too late for anything other than unconditional surrender for Germany as the Allies by that point are advancing on every front against a collapsing German effort and they know this. They have broken the Luftwaffe, they are pushing the last...
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    WI: Japan discovers the Liaohe Oil Field in the early 1930s?

    Were the Japanese particularly interested in exploiting oil resources as opposed to grabbing them? Like the assumption here seems to be in the early thirties almost a full decade before the American embargo the Japanese decided to double down on a newly discovered field and start up a major...
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    20 July Plot Succeeds in Killing Hitler

    Honestly that is probably a POD in itself worth discussing at some point, they probably could not hold there for that long but they lost huge quanities of heavy equipment and trained manpower in a short space of time, if they can keep a coherent frontline then the Great Swan probably doesn't...
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    20 July Plot Succeeds in Killing Hitler

    Its incredibly unlikely because the July plot was in July 1944 by which point the Western Allies have a firm lodgment in Normandy and are starting to build up steam, the Soviets are smashing Army Group Centre and are preparing for major drives in Southern Europe. The war is clearly lost for...