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    English Speaking Cyprus

    More boosting Greek as a language than erasing English, though depending on how much they want done and how fast that could be a huge problem. Of course that depends on how many Cypriotes are bilingual; there'd likely be a lot as Greek was more respectable to the British Empire of the 19th and...
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    WI: An Actual National Crime Syndicate

    I'd assume the grand dream of a truly national syndicate between all groups will fall to shit for the same reasons it didn't work out IRL and the Chinese were frozen out, but once it's been done once that means somebody will think of doing it again, attempt doing it again, fear it's being done...
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    English Speaking Cyprus

    You almost certainly get a big push by Greek Cypriot nationalists and the post-independence government to restore Greek as the primary language - and as many of them want a union with Greece, this is an absolute necessity for them.
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    The Female Man

    I read it a while ago and remember liking most of it, though some parts I remember thinking were a bit too 70s - mainly the adult character having sex with a teenager (and IIRC they weren't yet 16?), and one section in the gender war is notoriously transphobic. I guess the biggest problem is I...
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    AMERICA DIVIDES: The Multi-Party US Election of 2016

    How long a lie-down did you need after writing the Trump dialogue?
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    On The Dangerous Edge Of (Sub)Genres

    It's true that any historical fiction technically counts as AH if it makes up places/people/battles - and thus Hammer Horror becomes a studio full of AH worlds!
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    WI Hohenzollern Britain

    As I understand it, parliament had leeway under George 1 and 2 and by the time G3 took the throne the worms were put of the can - for George, anyway. The hypothetical Anglo-Fred may be more effective at pushing back and getting more control due to not being George III. You don't have a king...
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    WI: Harold Wilson had won a substantial majority in 64’

    A rebounding 60s economy and second Wilson term probably bodes ill for the Tories, leaving them more likely to be the main government when the 70s goes to shit (if it still does)? We get some very different decades if Discontent is associated with Tory rule and Labour have a lingering 'party of...
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    Interview: Kevin Ikenberry

    This does emphasise how big a loss Eric Flint's death is - one thing to know about him helping other writers as abstract fact, another to see a writer explain how he helped them personally get their book out
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    Kindle rankings

    So, uh, The Emerald Isles currently has a little banner on Amazon US saying it's #1... in new releases on History of Ireland.
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    NEW RELEASES: Alternate Irelands, Australias, Americas and Englands

    I just got to Richard Hunter's story about Eurovision in 1998 Belfast, flipping heck that's a concept
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    NEW RELEASES: Alternate Irelands, Australias, Americas and Englands

    Looking forward to this little lot, and big props to @Lord Roem for the pseudo-tapestry look for The Blood and the Ghost
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    NEW RELEASES: Alternate Irelands, Australias, Americas and Englands

    Cymru Counterfactual
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    The Nitpicker’s Guide to Ancient Warfare: Operations

    I knew Culloden was a massacre, and now I know why
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    AMERICA DIVIDES: The Multi-Party US Election of 2016

    Poor Alliance, sitting in the dark muttering "there's still the rest of the night, lads"