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    Blackentheborg's city council archive filing cabinet

    Evil Jerry Brown
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    A bit of a Libertarian wank Wikibox TL that I wanted to write a few years ago. 2009 - 2017: Barack Obama / Joe Biden (Democrat) 2008: John McCain / Sarah Palin (Republican) 2012: Ron Paul / Gary Johnson (Republican) 2017 - 2018: Bernie Sanders / Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat) 2016: Donald Trump /...
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    WI: De Gaulle dies in 1940

    I also really like Eboué as an alt-Free French leader, but I don’t know enough about French history to know how realistic him being the leader would be.
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    Blackentheborg's city council archive filing cabinet

    Rajavi randomly popping up after 20+ years is great
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    AH Run-downs, summaries and general gubbins

    A little rundown from a timeline I’ll one day In’Shaa’Allah get around to writing. Political Parties of the Federal Republic of Germany (2029): Government: SPD: Vote for us or we’ll have tyranny like the rest of the world says Scholz, as he enters his fifth year of ruling by “emergency...
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    AHC: Have Americans become more isolationist after the end of the Cold War

    Also I wouldn’t be surprised if a nuclear Ukraine in the 90s got sanctioned by Western states, to convince them to get rid of their nukes.
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    A Kinder, Gentler Nation: An American Politics TL

    Kind of reminds me of your list with Warren as Democratic Collin Powell’s VP, and during her own Presidency turning from a Southwestern Democrat into a progressive trailblazer.
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    A Kinder, Gentler Nation: An American Politics TL

    It feels like Mickey Leland is pretty much a must if you’re doing a TL with a POD in the 80s, though with good reason.
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    A Kinder, Gentler Nation: An American Politics TL

    Great to see this TL continued here.
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    What happens to British and French colonies if they go red?

    If only the UK goes communist, surely France, along with Italy probably, would just immediately secure the canal?
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    AHC: Alliance between the far-left and far-right

    I do think that far-left and far-right actors can align for short term purposes, but in the longer term it simply isn’t viable. As others said you can have people switch from one side to the other (especially far-left to far-right), or have some on the far-right put some red paint on their...
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    WI: Fascist vs. Communist Cold War

    By the time the Soviets near Germany proper, the Atlantic Wall will be the last of the German’s concerns, which should make it easier for the British Empire to storm the French beaches. I think both the French, and British would call upon more (colored) men from their empires, which would have...
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    WI: Fascist vs. Communist Cold War

    The Free French would be even more closely joined by the hip to the British than IOTL. They’ll help liberate both Italy, and North Africa. Also by the time the Soviets enter Warsaw, there will have to be allied forces on the beaches of West France. The French liberation ITTL will probably...
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    WI: Fascist vs. Communist Cold War

    That doesn’t mean they’ll align with the Americans, who left them at the mercy of the Germans, without any support of the metropole. Furthermore, the Free French would still be aligned with the Brits, who’d want the two French forces to rejoin. I’d wager the Free French would go to Paris, and...
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    WI: Fascist vs. Communist Cold War

    Were the Free French really that anti-communist though? The Parisian regime will have a lot of legitimacy, and in the ‘worst case scenario’ it would be led by the communists, but not exclusively governed by them. I can’t imagine Stalin immediately putting the hammer and sickle on the French...