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    The Write Stuff: Critical Mass

    That passage just made me want to write a timeline about Kaiju in WW1. Kaiju that act like newborn puppies. William Beach Thomas. Some choice quotes dug up in five seconds of googling, from here: The second quote was describing a "particularly confusing encounter fought amongst...
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    Alternate Terminology: Rank and File

    So did a lot of medieval ranks. Vintenar=commander of 20, Centenar=commander of 100, and a Captain could be in charge of hundreds. And in the 17th century a Sergeant-Major was just the same thing as a major-above Captain and below Lieutenant-Colonel. And of course the British system is...
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    Airships: Part Two - Military Airships

    The swivels are mostly for shooting wyverns, war-dragons and miscellaneous flying critters, basically acting as point defence loaded with grapeshot. The rockets tend to be fired en-masse, and a variety of gimmick rockets are floating around. Airships haven't been around that long in the setting...
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    Airships: Part Two - Military Airships

    17th century barrel bombs(alongside fletchettes) are pretty much their main anti-surface weapon. Rockets and swivel guns are their main air-to-air weapon. That was the conclusion (with the addendum that airships don't actually use hydrogen-it's a fictional magical compound) I eventually came to...
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    Airships: Part Two - Military Airships

    Trying to keep things "balanced" so that I can have my Congreve-rocket-spewing air battleships without them just murdering everything on the ground when not opposed by enemy airships, or being so fragile that they're useless, has been one of the bigger pains in the neck with Broken Lance's...
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    Spin On or Spin Off

    *Glances nervously at giant list of potential Broken Lance spin-offs and the fact that I've only managed to crank out one and a half of them with three months of free time* The fact that ASOIAF's plot is basically an escalating series of butterflies probably helps as well.
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    Alternate Terminology: Landships, Farseers, and Localnets

    Speaking of division... well, that was used historically for everything from a platoon equivalent to a, well, division. The British army in the 18th century had whole parallel systems of tactical and administrative units. Majors used to be called Sergeant Majors, even though they were a...
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    Myth-ing in Action

    Ah, the joys of what happens when re-enactment experience contradicts the historical evidence. That's caused plenty of internet flamewars over the years. I'm involved in HEMA/historical fencing, have done a bit of basic experimental archaeology, and am around the peripheries of the re-enactment...
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    Myth-ing in Action

    I'm guilty as sin of a few of those, especially the corner of the eyes one, but I think I've avoided some of the others. Trying to plausibly portray combat while having no experience with the real thing is something I often grapple with as a writer, especially since a disproportionate amount of...
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    Myth-ter Bond: Myth and Reality in the Spy Game

    To be honest, Bond and other super-spies make far more sense to me when thought of as a one man special forces team than as anything resembling an actual spy.
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    Armoured Fighting Vehicles PoDs

    In WW1, many tanks came in two or three versions-a cannon armed "male" version, a machine gun armed "female", and, for the British, hermaphrodite tanks with a cannon sponson and an MG sponson. Males focused on blowing up machine gun nests, females stopped them getting swarmed by infantry. I'm...