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Alexander Rooksmoor


Published by Sea Lion Press: 'Against the Devil's Men'/'The Blood and The Ghost'/'Byzantium Express'/'In the Absence of Powder'/'Streseland'.

Fiction: 'Another World's War'/'Detour'/'Déviation'/'Diversion'/'Eve of the Globe's War'/'From Another Infamy'/'The Hannover Assassins' (novella)/'His Majesty's Dictator'/'Mark in the Sea'/'Provision'/'Route Diverted'/'Scavenged Days'/'Stop Line'/'Taking the Detour'/'The Three Eagles'/'Umleitung'/'Wars to End'.

Analysis: 'Down Other Tracks'/'In Another America'/'In Other Trenches' vols. I & II/'On Other Fields'/'Other Earths'/'Other Exits'/'Other Lives'/'Other Roads' vols. I, II & III/'Thinking of Writing Alternate History?'.


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