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Yokai Man’s Test Thread Thing

Yokai Man

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Don’t Play With Nukes or A Very Stupid and Horrible Series of Events

1976-1979 Jim Callaghan†

1979-1983 Denis Healey

1983-1984 Michael Foot

1984-1984 Margaret Thatcher†

1984-1994 Cecil Parkinson

1977-1979 Jimmy Carter

1979-1989 Walter Mondale

1974-1979 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

1979-1979 Alain Poher

1979-1993 Michel Colucci
The Sky Is The Limit

2010-2016:David Cameron (Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition,Conservative Minority between May and November 2015,Conservative Majority after November)
2010:David Cameron-Conservative[306],Gordon Brown-Labour[258],Nick Clegg-Liberal Democrat[57]
May 2015:David Cameron-Conservative[314],Ed Miliband-Labour[240],Nicola Sturgeon-SNP[58],Nick Clegg-Liberal Democrat[10],Nigel Farage-UKIP[2],Caroline Lucas-Green[2]
November 2015:David Cameron-Conservative[340],Jeremy Corbyn-Labour[220],Nicola Sturgeon-SNP[58],Tim Farron-Liberal Democrat[6],Nigel Farage-UKIP[5],
Caroline Lucas-Green[2]
2016 European Union Membership Referendum:53% Leave

2016-present day Andrea Leadsom (Conservative Majority,Conservative Minority after August,Conservative Majority after November)
2016:Andrea Leadsom-Conservative[367],Jeremy Corbyn-Labour[189],Nicola Sturgeon-SNP[58],Vince Cable-Liberal Democrat[14],Nick Boles-National Liberal[3],Caroline Lucas-Green[2],[disputed leadership]-UKIP[1],Tim Aker-Libertarian[1]
2019 Death Penalty Referendum:56% Bring Back
2021:Andrea Leadsom-Conservative[358],Clive Lewis-Labour[179],Joanna Cherry-SNP[58],Ed Davey-Liberal Democrat[20],Chuka Umunna/Nick Boles-Social Justice/National Liberal Alliance[15],Caroline Lucas-Green[2],Anne Marie Waters-British Patriotic Alliance[1],Tim Aker-Libertarian[1]