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Yokai Man’s Test Thread Thing

Yokai Man

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1933-1957 Huey Long

1957-1970†Alf Landon

1970-1985 Mo Udall

1985-2011 Edwin Edwards

2011-2012 Buddy Roemer

2012-2012 Catherine Small Long

2012-2012 Newt Gingrich

2012-2013 John F Kennedy Jr

2013-2021 Ted Turner

2021-2029 Liz Warren

there’s a gimmick in this list

Guess it and you receive a prize

Yokai Man

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Til then,

1964-1972 Harold Wilson (Labour Majority)
1964:Harold Wilson-Labour[317],Alec Douglas-Home-Conservative[304],Jo Grimond-Liberal[9]
1966:Harold Wilson-Labour[510],Ted Heath-Conservative[105],Jo Grimond-Liberal[14]
1970:Harold Wilson-Labour[505],Quintin Hogg-Conservative[107],Jeremy Thorpe-Liberal[17]

1972-1981 Roy Jenkins (Labour Majority)
1975:Roy Jenkins-Labour[498],Enoch Powell-Conservative[105],Jeremy Thorpe-Liberal[24]
1980:Roy Jenkins-Labour[460],William Whitelaw-Conservative[152],David Steel-Liberal[13],John Tyndall-National Front[2]

1981-1991 Anthony Crosland† (Labour Majority)
1985:Anthony Crosland-Labour[440],William Whitelaw-Conservative[174],David Steel-Liberal[13],John Tyndall-National Front[1]
1990:Anthony Crosland-Labour[425],Michael Heseltine-Conservative[189],Michael Meadowcroft-Liberal[14]

1991-2000 John Smith (Labour Majority)
1995:John Smith-Labour[380],Michael Heseltine-Conservative[230],Michael Meadowcroft-Liberal[18]

2000-2010 Malcolm Rifkind (Conservative-Liberal-UUP Coalition)
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Yokai Man

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Bratianu’s Dream

Governor-Generals of Romania

1858-1868 Auguste Regnaud de Saint-Jean d'Angély

1868-1876 Achille Baraguey d'Hilliers

1876-1888 Napoléon-Jérôme Bonaparte

1888-1897 Georges Ernest Boulanger

1897-1908 Victor-Constant Michel

1908-1922 Joseph Joffre

Rulers of the National Republic of Romania

1922-1954 Nicolae Iorga
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Yokai Man

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No Longer Frank or Be Careful What You Wish For,Mr Hearst

1933-1934 Franklin Delano Roosevelt/John Nance Garner(Democratic)

1934-1934 John Nance Garner †/vacant (Democratic)

1934-1937 Cordell Hull/Harry F. Byrd (Democratic)
1936:Cordell Hull/Harry F. Byrd(Democratic),Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Hugh S Johnson(National Salvation Alliance),Huey Long/Gerald L K Smith(Union),Harold L Ickes/Robert M. La Follette Jr(Progressive),Alf Landon/Frank Knox(Republican)

1937-1940 William B. Bankhead/Harry F. Byrd (Democratic)

1940-1941 Harry F. Byrd/vacant (Democratic)

1941-1947 Franklin Delano Roosevelt /Thomas Gardiner Corcoran (National Salvation Alliance)
1940:Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Thomas Gardiner Corcoran(National Salvation Alliance),Harry F Byrd/Carter Glass(Democratic),Charles L McNary/John W Bricker(Republican),Huey Long/William Langer(Union),Gerald L K Smith/Gerald Nye(America First)
1944:Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Thomas Gardiner Corcoran(National Salvation Alliance),Thomas E Dewey/Arthur H Vandenberg,James Farley/Harry S Truman(Democratic),Gerald L K Smith/Gerald Nye(America First)
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Yokai Man

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Land of Mavericks

1993-2001 Ross Perot/James Stockdale

2001-2009 John McCain/Joe Lieberman

2009-2017 John Edwards/Andrew Cuomo

2017-2021 Jesse Ventura/Tom Cotton

Yokai Man

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Eternal Boogymen

2019-2030 Boris Johnson (Conservative Majority)
2019:Boris Johnson-Conservative[386],Jeremy Corbyn-Labour[180],Nicola Sturgeon-SNP[49],Jo Swindon-Liberal Democrat[11]
2024:Boris Johnson-Conservative[377],Keir Stramer-Labour[179],Joanna Cherry-SNP[52],Ed Davey-Liberal Democrat[11],Zarah Sultana-XP[3],Aaron Bastani-True Socialism[2],Madeleina Kay-European[2]
2029:Boris Johnson-Conservative[360],Keir Stramer-Labour[197],Joanna Cherry-SNP[52],Layla Moran-Liberal Democrat[15],Zarah Sultana-XP[4],Aaron Bastani True Socialism[2],Madeleina Kay-European[2]

2030-2041 Rishi Sunak (Conservative Majority)
2034:Rishi Sunak-Conservative[350],Rebecca Long-Bailey-Labour[207],Joanna Cherry-SNP[50],Layla Moran/Zarah Sultana-Liberal Democrat-XP Alliance[26]
2039:Rishi Sunak-Conservative[336],Rebecca Long-Bailey-Labour[215],Ian Blackford-SNP[45], Daisy Cooper/Talia Woodin-Liberal Democrat-XP Alliance[37]

2041-204x Tom Harwood (Conservative Majority,Conservative-DUP Coalition after 2044)

Yokai Man

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Waiting for Lloyd George or Last of the Liberals

1979-1991 Margaret Thatcher† (Conservative Majority)
1979:Margaret Thatcher-Conservative[343],Jim Callaghan-Labour[271],David Steel-Liberal[3],Cyril Smith-New Britain[2]
1983:Margaret Thatcher-Conservative[416],Michael Foot-Labour[159],Roy Jenkins-SDP[30],David Steel-Liberal[3],Cyril Smith-New Britain[3]
1987:Margaret Thatcher-Conservative[399],Neil Kinnock-Labour[180],Roy Jenkins-SDP[29],David Steel-Liberal[3]

1991-1997 Malcolm Rifkind (Conservative Majority)
1992:Malcolm Rifkind-Conservative[334],Neil Kinnock-Labour[205],Jeremy Ashdown-Democrats[34],Alan Beith-Liberal[3],David Owen-SDP[2]

1997-200x Gordon Brown (Labour Majority)

Yokai Man

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Weak,weak,weak or Callaghan 2.0 or A Very Stupid Scenario

1990-1996 John Major (Conservative Majority)

1996-1997 John Major (Conservative-SDP-UUP Coalition)

1997-2001 John Major (Conservative-UUP Minority Coalition with SNP and Plaid Cymru support)
1997:John Major-Conservative[300],John Smith-Labour[285],Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrat[40],James Goldsmith-Referendum[2]
1997 Scottish devolution referendum:75%Yes
1997 Welsh devolution referendum:52%Yes

1998 European Referendum:60% In
1998 Mayoral Empowerment Referendum:53% For
1999 Kosovo Intervention Referendum:52% Yes
1999 Euro Currency Referendum:54% Against

2000 ID Cards Referendum:65% No
2001 Metric System Implementation Referendum:52.89% No

2001-present day Tony Blair (Labour Majority)

Yokai Man

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Half Assing the Post War Consensus or The Birth of a New Cromwell

1940-1946 Edward Wood (Conservative leading War Government)

1946-1958 Herbert Morrison †(Labour Majority)

1958-1966 Manny Shinwell (Labour Majority)

1966-1976 Richard Law †(Conservative Majority)

1976-1980 Keith Joseph (Conservative Majority)

1980-1996 John Major (Common Wealth Majority)

1992-1996 Second English Civil War,resulting in victory of the Freedom Front led by Michael Xavier Portillo

Yokai Man

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Lord Protectors of England after WW1

1920-1940 † Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener

1940-1957 Alan Brooke

Presidents of England

1957-1972 Michael Foot (Social Justice)

1972-1982 Harold Macmillan (Social Democrat)

1982-1992 Norman St John-Stevas (Christian Democrat)

1992-2002 Ted Heath (Social Democrat)

2002-2012 John Prescott (Social Justice)

2012-present day David Davis (Independent)

Yokai Man

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I love Jerma’s streams so I made this

Yes,I know Jerma didn’t actually win any electoral votes in the 1988 Presidential Election game,I just wanted to give him some

Consider this to be fanfic

1981-1986 Ronald Reagan/George H.W.Bush†

1986-1986 Ronald Reagan/Homer Simpson

1986-1989 Homer Simpson/Dan Quayle

1989-1997 Gandalf D.Grey/Bob Kerrey
1988:Gandalf D.Grey/Bob Kerrey-Democratic[474],Homer Simpson/Dan Quayle-Republican[60],Jeremy Harrington/Otto A.Dachshund-21st Century America[4]
1992:Gandalf D.Grey/Bob Kerrey-Democratic[450],Pat Buchanan/H.Guy Hunt-Republican[78],Jeremy Harrington/Gabe Degrossi-New America[20]
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Yokai Man

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All Things Come To An End

1945-1951 Clement Attlee (Labour Majority)

1951-1966 Anthony Eden (Conservative Majority)

1966-1979 Reginald Maulding † (Conservative Majority)

1979-1985 Peter Walker (Conservative Majority)

1985-1994 Frank Field (Conservative Majority,Conservative-Liberal-UUP Coalition after 1989)

1994-2005 Bryan Gould (Labour Majority)

Yokai Man

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Stagnation Now,But Not Forever

1964-1973 Leonid Brezhnev

1973-1990 Andrei Kirilenko

1990-1994 Eduard Shevardnadze

Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1994, leading to the independence of Ukraine, Estonia,Lithuania, Latvia, Azerbaijan etc. and the formation of the USR

Erich Honecker 1971-1991

Egon Krenz 1991-1992

Manfred Gerlach 1992-1992

Lothar de Maizière 1992-1994

Dissolution of East Germany after being unified with West Germany after 1 January 1994

János Kádár 1956-1988

Károly Grósz 1988-1991

Rezső Nyers 1991-1992

Nicolae Ceaucescu 1965-1991†

Nicu Ceaucescu 1991-1992†-removed via coup d’etat by party activists and Army/Securitate generals

Corneliu Manescu 1992-2000† (FSN/FDSR majority)

Gustáv Husák 1975-1991

Miloš Jakeš 1991-1992

Karel Urbánek 1992-1992

Václav Havel 1992-2003

Yokai Man

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Genetic Freaks or WRASLING or A Very Stupid Idea For a List

2001-2009 Al Gore/Joe Lieberman

2009-2013 Hillary Clinton/Evan Bayh

2013-2017 Vince McMahon/Donald Trump

2017-2019 Jesse Ventura/Scott Steiner

2019-2021 Scott Steiner/Angus King

2021-present day Steve Austin/Cornel West

Yokai Man

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No More Consent,No More Familiarity

2010-2014 Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat Majority)
2010:Nick Clegg-Liberal Democrat[400],Malcolm Pearson-UKIP[95],Caroline Lucas-Green[63],Alec Salmond-SNP[39],Nick Griffin-BNP[28],Robin Tilbrook-English Democrat[3], Salma Yaqoob-RESPECT[1]

2014 Scottish Independence Referendum:51,37 YES,49,63 NO

2014-2015 Vince Cable (Liberal Democrat Majority,Liberal Democrat-Green Coalition by 2015)
2015:Vince Cable-Liberal Democrat[295],Nigel Farage-UKIP[236],Caroline Lucas-Green[90],Nick Griffin-BNP[3],Dave Nellist-TUSC[3],Richard Taylor-NHA[1],George Galloway-British Workers[1]

2015-2018 Lynne Featherstone (Liberal Democrat-Green Coalition)

2018-present day Tom Brake (Liberal Democrat-Green Coalition)

Yokai Man

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The Land and The Red Flag or The Curious Death of the Conservative Party

1906-1908 Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman† (Liberal Majority)
1906:Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman-Liberal[520],John Redwood-Irish Parliamentary[82],Kier Hardie-Labour Representation Committee[37],Walter Long-Irish Unionist[16],Henry Hyndman-SDF[3],George Carson-Scottish Workers[2],John Eldon Gorst-Free Trader[1]

1908-1916 Herbert Asquith (Liberal Majority)
January 1910:Herbert Asquith-Liberal[510],John Redwood-Irish Parliamentary[71],Arthur Henderson-Labour[47],Edward Carson-Irish Unionist[20],William O’Brien-All-for-Ireland[8],Henry Hyndman-SDF[3],John Eldon Gorst-Free Trader[2]
December 1910:Herbert Asquith-Liberal[507],John Redwood-Irish Parliamentary[74],George Barnes-Labour[50],Edward Carson-Irish Unionist[20],William O’Brien-All-for-Ireland[8],Henry Hyndman-SDF[3],John Eldon Gorst-Free Trader[2]

1916-1931 David Lloyd George (Liberal Majority)
1918:David Lloyd George-Liberal[477],Éamon de Valera-Sinn Fein[73],William Adamson-Labour[65],Herbert Asquith-National Liberal[10],Henry Page Croft-National[2],James Hogge-Silver Badge[2],Henry Hyndman-National Socialist[1],Christabel Pankhurst-Women’s Party[1]
1923:David Lloyd George-Liberal[422],J.R.Clynes-Labour[105],Herbert Asquith-National Liberal[20],Henry Page Croft-National[9],Albert Inkpin-Communist[2]
1928:David Lloyd George-Liberal[380],J.R.Clynes-Labour[140],Herbert Asquith-National Liberal[20],William Joynson-Hicks-National[14],Harry Pollitt-Communist[2]

1931-1933 Herbert Samuel (Liberal Majority)

1933-1944 J.R.Clynes (Labour Majority)
1933:J.R.Clynes-Labour[400],Herbert Samuel-Liberal[100],Arthur Kitson-National[34],Herbert Asquith-National Liberal[10],John Hargrave-Social Credit[5],
Harry Pollitt-Communist[2],Roland Muirhead-NSP[2],Saunders Lewis-Plaid Cymru[2]
1938:J.R.Clynes-Labour[400],Archibald Sinclair-Liberal[110],Max Aitken,1st Baron Beaverbrook-National[39],John Hargrave-Social Credit[3],Roland Muirhead-NSP[2],Saunders Lewis-Plaid Cymru[2]
1943:J.R.Clynes-Labour[380],Archibald Sinclair-Liberal[120],Max Aitken,1st Baron Beaverbrook-National[42],Roland Muirhead-NSP[2],Saunders Lewis-Plaid Cymru[2]

1944-1954 Oswald Mosley (Labour Majority)

Yokai Man

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The Curious Death of the Labour Party

1931-1935 Ramsey MacDonald [National Government consisting of Conservatives, Liberals, National Liberals and National Labour]
1931:Ramsey MacDonald-National Government List[584],Oswald Mosley-New Party[6],David Lloyd George-Independent Liberal[4],Roland Muirhead-NSP[4] ,Harry Pollitt-Communist[2],Saunders Lewis-Plaid Cymru[2]

1935-1937 Stanley Baldwin [National Government consisting of Conservatives,National Liberals and National Labour]
1935:Stanley Baldwin-National Government List[502],Herbert Morrison-BSJ[46],Oswald Mosley-New Party[26],Herbert Samuel-Liberal[21],Roland Muirhead-NSP[4] ,Harry Pollitt-Communist[2],Saunders Lewis-Plaid Cymru[2]

1937-1940 Neville Chamberlain [National Government consisting of Conservatives,National Liberals and National Labour,Conservative leading War Government by 1939]

1940-1948 Winston Churchill [Conservative leading War Government]

1948-1960 Aneurin Bevan† [British Social Justice Majority]
1948:Aneurin Bevan-BSJ[450],Tom Wintringham-CCF[52],Winston Churchill-Conservative[40],Archibald Sinclair-Liberal[39],Roland Muirhead-NSP[7],Saunders Lewis-Plaid Cymru[4]
1953:Aneurin Bevan-BSJ[440],J.B.Priestley-CCF[57],Frederick Marquis, 1st Earl of Woolton-Conservative[45],Archibald Sinclair-Liberal[39],Roland Muirhead-NSP[7],Saunders Lewis-Plaid Cymru[4]
1958:Aneurin Bevan-BSJ[440],J.B.Priestley-CCF[60],Frederick Marquis, 1st Earl of Woolton-Conservative[45],Clement Davies-Liberal[36],Robert McIntyre-NSP[7],Saunders Lewis-Plaid Cymru[4]

1960-1973 Reginald Maulding [British Social Justice Majority]

1973-1982 Anthony Crosland† [British Social Justice Majority]

1982-1992 Anthony Wedgwood Benn [British Social Justice Majority]

Yokai Man

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Hail Max or A Fanfic List of a Game Series I Really Love

2001-2004 George W Bush/Dick Cheney

2004-2004 Dennis Hastert/vacant

2004-2004 Tom DeLay/vacant

2004-2005 Colin Powell/vacant

2005-2007 Max/Mr. Spatula†
2004:Max/Mr. Spatula-Random Violence and Destruction,The Statue of Abraham Lincoln/Condoleezza Rice-Republican,Ralph Nader/Dennis Kucinich-Democratic

2007-2017 Max/Agent Snowball
2008:Max/Agent Snowball-Random Violence and Destruction,Hillary Clinton/Evan Bayh-Democratic,Mitt Romney/John Engler-Republican
2012:Max/Agent Snowball-Random Violence and Destruction,Barack Obama/Amy Klobuchar-Democratic,Herman Cain/Michele Bachmann-Republican,Ron Paul/ Bob Barr-Libertarian

2017-present day Max/Sybil Pandemic
2016:Max/Sybil Pandemic-Random Violence and Destruction,Donald Trump/Michael Flynn-Republican,Elizabeth Warren/Tim Kaine-Democratic,Glenn Beck/Dave Rubin-True Conservatives,Gary Johnson/Bill Weld-Libertarian,Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka-Green
2020:Max/Sybil Pandemic-Random Violence and Destruction,Donald Trump Jr/Tom Cotton-Republican,Marianne Williamson/Tom Steyer-Democratic,Adam Kokesh/John McAfee-Libertarian,Tulsi Gabbard/Dennis Kucinich-Phoenix,Michael Bloomberg/John Delaney-Independent