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Yokai Man’s Test Thread Thing

Yokai Man

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Mayors of Cluj

2012-2016 Marius Nicoară (USL,
PNL after 2015)
2012 def: Emil Boc (PD-L),Peter Kovacs-Eckstein (UDMR),Iuliu Mirel Țăgorean (PP-DD)

2016-present day Emil Boc (PD-L)
2016 def: Marius Nicoară (PNL),Anna Horvath (UDMR),Liviu Alexa (PSD-ALDE)

Mayors of Pitești

1992-2015 Tudor Pendiuc (FSN/FDSR/PDSR/PSD)

2015-2016 Constantin-Cornel Ionică (PSD)

2016-present day Tudor Pendiuc (

2012-2016 Crin Antonescu (USL,PNL after 2015)
2012 Presidential Impeachment Referendum:
90,09% Yes,voting presence 51,18%-APPROVED
2012 Parliamentary Elections
USL [386],PP-DD [81],ARD [78],UDMR [27]
2012 Presidential Election First Round def: Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD),Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu (ARD),Corneliu Vadim Tudor (PRM)

2012 Presidential Election Second Round def: Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD)
2013 Constitutional Referendum: 88,91% Yes,voting presence 41,59%-APPROVED
2014 European Parliament Elections:
USL [23], PD-L [4],UDMR [2],PMP [2],PP-DD [1]

2016- present day Liviu Dragnea (PSD-ALDE)
2016 Presidential Election First Round def: Crin Antonescu (PNL),Nicușor Dan (USR),Victor Ponta (PRU)
2016 Presidential Election Second Round def: Crin Antonescu (PNL)
2016 Parliamentary Elections: PSD-ALDE [244],USR [49],PNL [38],PD-L [36],UDMR [30],PMP [26],PRU [26]
2017 Constitutional Referendum: 94,07% Yes,voting presence 32,05 %-APPROVED
2018 Constitutional Referendum: 90,68%
Yes,voting presence 31,79%-APPROVED
2019 European Parliament Elections:
PSD-ALDE [10],PNL [9],PD-L [6],PRU [3],PMP [2],UDMR [2]


Yokai Man

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Guilt Is A Complicated Thing

1940-1940 Edward Wood,1st Earl of Halifax (Conservative led National War Government)

1940-1946 Samuel Hoare (Conservative Majority)

1941 def: Clement Attlee (Labour),Archibald Sinclair (Liberal),Winston Churchill (Pro War Conservatives)

1946-1951 Herbert Morrison (Labour Majority)
1946 def: Samuel Hoare (Conservative),Archibald Sinclair (Liberal),Richard Acland (Common Wealth),Harry Pollitt (Communist),Douglas Young (SNP)

Yokai Man

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A Very,VERY Stupid Turn of Events or Mihai Nahorniac Is Somehow Right

Leaders of the Labour Party

1994-1997 Tony Blair-resigned due to the Nahorniac Scandal,arrested for treason

1997-1997 John Prescott-interim leader

1997-1997 Robin Cook-resigned as PM after sex scandal

1997-1997 Robin Cook (Labour-Liberal Democrat Coalition)

1997: Robin Cook-Labour (300),John Major-Conservative (280),Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrat (50)

1997-2007 Gordon Brown (Labour-Liberal Democrat Coalition)
1997 Welsh Assembly Referendum: 51,27% For
1997 Scottish Assembly Referendum: 75% For
1999 AV Referendum: 55,19% No
2002: Gordon Brown-Labour (290),Francis Maude-Conservative (290),Charles Kennedy-Liberal Democrat (50)

2007-2012 Malcolm Rifkind (Conservative Minority with Ulster Unionist support and confidence)

1995-1997 Jacques Chirac (RPR)

1997-1997 Christian Poncelet (RPR)

1997-2009 Alain Juppé (RPR/UMP)

2009-2019 Ségolène Royal (PS)

1996-1997 Romano Prodi

1997-1997 Massimo D'Alema

1997-20xx Silvio Berlusconi


Yokai Man

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German Style or What If Every Euro Election in Romania since 2009 Had a 0,6% Minimum Threshold








Independents-Elena Basescu,Pavel Abraham


PSD: 11

PNL: 5








Independents-Mircea Diaconu







PRO Romania-2



Independents-Peter Costea,George Simion,Gregoriana Carmen Tudoran

Yokai Man

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An Inherently Conservative Nation

1997-1997 James Goldsmith (Referendum-Official Conservative Minority Coalition with Ulster Unionist and UK Unionist support and confidence)

1997: James Goldsmith-Referendum [315],John Smith-Labour [272],Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrats [44],John Major-Conservative [8]

1997-1999 Alan Clark (Referendum-Official Conservative Minority Coalition with Ulster Unionist and UK Unionist support and confidence,British Patriotic Alliance Majority after 1998 General Election)
1997 European Membership Referendum: 53,79% Out
1998: Alan Clark-BPA [344],John Smith-Labour [210],Paddy Ashdown-Liberal Democrats [54],Robin Page-ENP [17],Kenneth Clarke-FBPE [4]

1999-2009 Robin Birley (British Patriotic Alliance Majority)
2003: Robin Birley-BPA [344],David Blunkett-Labour [210],Simon Hughes-Liberal Democrats [59],Robin Page-ENP [17]
2008: Robin Birley-BPA [339],Frank Dobson-Labour [210],Simon Hughes-Liberal Democrats [59],Robin Page-ENP [22]

2009-present day Jeffrey Titford (British Patriotic Alliance Majority)

Yokai Man

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Divided We Fall

2021 Early Parliamentary Election Results:

PSD: 150 seats

PNL-LO: 63 seats

USRPLUS: 60 seats

AUR: 51 seats

PNL-FC: 49 seats

UDMR: 29 seats

ACUM: 26 seats

PNR: 22 seats

Yokai Man

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Every Legislative Election in Romania since 1992 If The Electoral System Was Like The One They Have in the Netherlands,I Guess-Part 1


FDSN: 149 seats

CDR: 105 seats

FSN: 54 seats

PUNR: 42 seats

UDMR: 39 seats

PRM: 20 seats

PSM: 15 seats

PDAR: 15 seats

PNL: 13 seats

MER: 11 seats

PR: 8 seats


CDR: 154 seats

PDSR: 116 seats

USD: 66 seats

UDMR: 39 seats

PRM: 22 seats

PUNR: 21 seats

PS: 11 seats

PSM: 10 seats

ANL: 9 seats

PPS: 7 seats

PSMR: 6 seats

UNC: 4 seats

PNT: 3 seats

ANLE: 3 seats


PDSR: 195 seats

PRM: 108 seats

PNL: 39 seats

UDMR: 39 seats

PD: 38 seats

ApR: 22 seats

PUNR: 7 seats

PNL-C: 6 seats

PER: 5 seats

PSM: 4 seats

PPS: 4 seats

PMR: 3 seats


PSD+PUR: 177 seats

Truth and Justice Alliance: 151 seats

PRM: 65 seats

UDMR: 31 seats

PNG-CD: 11 seats

PNTCD: 9 seats

FD: 4 seats

PER: 3 seats


PSD+PC: 155 seats

PD-L: 153 seats

PNL: 85 seats

UDMR: 31 seats

PRM: 16 seats

PNG-CD: 11 seats

PER: 3 seats

Yokai Man

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Every Legislative Election in Romania since 1992 If The Electoral System Was Like The One They Have in the Netherlands,I Guess-Part 2


USL: 348 seats

ARD: 96 seats

PP-DD: 84 seats

UDMR: 27 seats

PRM: 8 seats

PPMP: 4 seats

PER: 4 seats


PSD: 207 seats

PNL: 92 seats

USR: 40 seats

UDMR: 30 seats

ALDE: 27 seats

PMP: 25 seats

PRU: 13 seats

PRM: 5 seats

PER: 4 seats

ANR: 4 seats


PSD: 134 seats

PNL: 117 seats

USRPLUS: 73 seats

AUR: 42 seats

UDMR: 30 seats

PMP: 22 seats

PRO Romania: 19 seats

PER: 6 seats

PPU-SL: 5 seats

Yokai Man

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Mayors of the Sectors of Bucharest

Sector 1

2016-present day Clotilde Armand (USB,later USR)
2016 def: Dan Tudorache (PSD+UNPR+ALDE),Andrei Chiliman (Independent),Sebastian Burduja (PNL)
2017 Impeachment Referendum: 58,90% No
2018 Impeachment Referendum: 57,09% No
2019 Impeachment Referendum: 56,50% No

Sector 2

2016-present day Neculai Ontanu (PSD+UNPR+ALDE)

2016 def: Dan Cristian Popescu (PNL),Antoneta Bugner (USB),Dumitru Pelican (PER)

Sector 3

2016-present day Robert Negoita (PSD+UNPR+ALDE)
2016 def: Roxana Wring (USB),Liviu Negoita (PD-L),Cristina Pocora (PNL)

Sector 4

2016-present day Cristian Popescu-Piedone (Independent,later ALDE)

2016 def: Daniel Baluta (PSD+UNPR+ALDE),Razvan-Ioan Sava (PNL),Dumitru Dobrov (USB)

Sector 5

2016-present day Marean Vanghelie (PDS,later PSD)

2016 def: Daniel Florea (PSD+UNPR+ALDE),Ovidiu Raetchi (PNL),Catalin Stochita (Independent)

Sector 6

2016-present day Gabriel Mutu (PSD+UNPR+ALDE)

2016 def: Mihai Danes (USB),Stefan Florescu (Independent),Razvan-Horia Mironescu (PNL)

Yokai Man

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Candidates registered for the early Presidential Elections of 2007:

Traian Băsescu-Anti Mafia Union

Cozmin Gușă-Unity and Reason Alliance

Corneliu Vadim Tudor-Greater Romania Party

Markó Béla-Democratic Alliance of Hungarians

Petre Roman-Union of Left Wing Forces

Gheorghe Becali-New Generation-Christian Democrat Party

Leonida Lari-Independent

Lorin Fortuna-Independent

Mihai Constantinescu-Ecologist Party of Romania

Constantin Rotaru-Socialist Alternative Party

Gheorghe Dinu-Independent

Marian Bătăiosu-Independent

Victor Ciorbea-National Peasants Christian Democrat Party-Victor Ciorbea