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following exposure of crooked past
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(See above for Laval--Rive-Nord)


Abitibi--Baie-James--Nunavik is also still counting, but I'm counting it and Churchill in the spreadsheet provisionally. The last seat in its region is fairly close between the Liberals and NDP, as you can see, but I still think it'd take a major upset for it to change hands, so for now I'm considering Quebec all done.

Incidentally, this also means we can distribute the Bloc's five levelling seats, which (and this feels nailed on - their quota in Outaouais is their worst in the province) distribute as follows:

28 seats won in national count
23 seats won in regional counts
5 levelling seats to assign

Montréal: 8 (0)
Laval--Rive-Nord: 5 (0)
Montérégie: 5 (1)
Outaouais: 2 (0)
Mauricie: 3 (1)
Quebec City: 2 (1)
Estrie--Bois-Francs: 4 (1)
Lévis--Chaudière--Bas-St-Laurent: 2 (0)
Saguenay--Manicouagan: 2 (1)


following exposure of crooked past
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I just wondered, because I remember when I did something on Canadian federal elections and all the results sets were on different provincial pages - because Canada.
That's not something I've ever noticed. elections.ca does look like it was designed in 2004, but it is very centralised - as I think federal politics tends to be.


following exposure of crooked past
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Oh, and I remembered I do already have a basemap that covers all of Canada, it's just slightly different in style from my usual election maps. So, if you'll bear with me...


Keep in mind that the party distribution in middle-grey regions is not based on the election results, it's just that these little mans are a lot harder to recolour than the normal ones.
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following exposure of crooked past
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It's done. Nunavut still isn't done counting, so I'm going off the preliminary national count for the nationwide distribution of seats, and as I don't do that one manually I have no clue if anything's close enough to changing for a final count to muck it up. Nevertheless, here's Ontario - with levelling seats shown this time. And no, I'm not going to go back and add them to all the other spreadsheet screenshots (spreadshots?), you'll see all of them in the next post.



I could not fail to disagree with you less
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Have you thought of posting this on the AJRelectionmaps twitter? With a write-up saying "What if Canada had Sweden's electoral system?" (doesn't need more detail than that) and then just saying the seat numbers and how they differ from the OTL ones?