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Successful Rum Rebellion? (Australia)


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How can I get the Rum Corps to stay in power for a longer period of time, maybe even indefinitely, after their 1808 coup in Australia? They don't need to change much or break off from Britain or anything, I just need a corrupt junta de facto in power. I'm essentially trying to create an Australian government so corrupt and ineffectual that it drives many to move over the Great Dividing Range and form new states in the Riverina, kinda like the Boers, and the Rum Corps staying in power so far looks like my best bet at creating an Australian government bad enough to do that and ineffectual enough to not be able to stop it.


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I'm not sure the Boer scenario is really possible, since the Boer analogues- the powerful, slave-owning landlords who distrust the British Empire- are the squatters, who would be the ones running the government.

Which is not to say don't do it. My Rum Rebellion scenario is also very unrealistic, but it was fun to write anyway. I'd just go with 'the rebellion has lasted longer, and the British have sent out a new governor who wants to bring in Port Arthur style harshness to NSW, so the coup leaders have upped and gone.' Maybe go with, I dunno, Picton as the vicious governor?