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Stuyvesant's Thread


Just wait until I actually get my shit together
The Place Beyond The Pines
Exile Holds:

Ovdal Tûngr:
Ovdal Tûngr was founded by exiles from the Holds of the Serpent’s Reach, on the Western edge of Bulwar, unlike most of their compatriots, the Copper Dwarves took to the seas, becoming the only shipwrights of Dwarfkind.

Silverforge: Silverforge was founded as a homeland for the exiled Dwarves of the Empire of Anbennar, and became a hub of the Imperial jewelry business, and were eventually granted an Electorate after years of loyal service. During the Lilac Wars, they were members of the Moon Party supporting the Grand Duke of Dameria in their claim of the Lorentish throne.

Rubyhold: Rubyhold is the Dwarven exile hold founded by Lorentish dwarves in the mountains south of the halfling Small Country. They have long had close ties with the Lorentish throne and thus supported the Rose Party during the Lilac Wars.

North Serpentspine Holds:

The Capital of the ancient Empire of Aul-Dwarov, Amldihr was the Greatest of all the holds, the home of the High Kings, and the center of the dwarven world. Even the Kronium Dwarves were unable to hold off the Greentide, and the ‘Gates of the Assembly’ fell to the forces of Orckind and are now held by a tribe calling themselves the ‘Broken Crown’.

Dûr-Vazhatun: Dûr-Vazhatun was the northernmost hold of the Serpentspine proper, and was in many ways a forgotten hold, and its Sapphire Dwarves liked it that way. This cultural ostracism led to them to be a common destination for those dwarves of a more philosophical bent. However, these stargazers had their eyes turned skyward, and were destroyed in the Greentide, now home to none but disparate goblins now.

Er-Natvir: Er-Natvir was at the heart of the Empire’s Communication and Transportation Networks, with the Dagrite Dwarves of The Railyard being found delivering parcels and messages in every hold. Their fall in the Greentide to the Railskulkers Goblins doomed the North Serpentspine, with countless internal Holds starving in the dark.

Haraz Orldhûm: The “Place of the High Lords” was a beacon of nobility in the Dwarovar and was where leaders were trained in both law and martial techniques. However even the forces of the Platinum Dwarves could not save it from an orcish onslaught.

Hul-Jorkad: Hul-Jorkad was often overlooked, but the lead dwarves played an integral role in the water distribution of the Empire, centered on the Dam on Jorkad Lake. The Hold however holds a dark place in Dwarven consciousness, being considered the birthplace of Orcdom, and thus the advent of Aul-Dwarov’s doom.

Khugdihr: Khugdihr was the main point of contact for the Escanni into the Dwarovar, and the Agate Dwarves traded their bas-reliefs and carvings to the outside world for much profit. It was the last hold to fall, and its fall marked the end of the Greentide as solely a Dwarven Problem, now the orcs were pouring into Escann.

Krakdhûmvror: Krakdhûmvror, Frozen-Forge Hall was the northernmost of the Dwarven Holds, outside even the Serpentspine Proper, and not even connected to the Dwarven Rail System proper. They were often a place to exile those deemed unsuitable for the other Holds, and as such grew to reject the clans that rejected them. Their isolation however spared the Quartz Dwarves from the Greentide, and the Hold remains, alone, but alive.

Mithradhûm: Mithradhûm is one of the oldest Holds, and alongside Er-Natvir formed the Industrial Core of the Empire, though every hold is on some level industrial. Their main claim to fame is being the point where that most prized metal, mithril originates, and that metal was the main industry. However even mithril could not hold off the Greentide, and the disorganized orcs provide the ultimate insult in eschewing the mother-metal.

Orlazam-az-dihr: The “Gate of the Ramlords” was the home of the Dwarven Rangers who protected the Forgotten Vale and Northern Pass around Amldihr from encroachments of both Reavers from the West or Centaurs from the East. The Ramsteel Dwarves were the first to train the Rams of the mountains for mounted combat, and so thus became the home of the Dwarven cavalry tradition. Even her mighty steeds did not prevent her falling to the same goblins that destroyed Dûr-Vazhatun.

Marrhold: Marrhold is an old Hold that was abandoned by the Empire after a tunnel collapse cut it off from the Rail Network. It was then occupied by a tribe of Alenmen fleeing the Dragonwake, who then founded a human principality of Dwarves and Men. Even its original name has been lost to the sands, but the Line of King Marr has molded the hold to their will and defended her against the Greentide that destroyed the rest of Escann.

Verkal Kozenad: The Citadel of Fate is a cursed place, and this volume will expend no further ink upon it.

Serpent’s Reach Holds:


Gor Bûrad:


Ovdal Lodhum:


Verkal Skomdihr:

Segbandal Holds:

Gor Ozumbrog:

Gor Vazumbrog:



Verkal Gulan:

East Serpentspine Holds:





Ovdal Kanzad:


Verkal Dromak:
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Just wait until I actually get my shit together
The Place Beyond The Pines
Champions of the National Football League, using the Pre-Championship Selection Method

1933: Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears
1935: New York Giants
1936: Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
1938: New York Giants
New York Giants
1940: Washington Redskins
1941: Green Bay Packers
1942: Chicago Bears
1943: Chicago Bears
New York Giants
1945: Cleveland Rams
1946: Chicago Bears
1947: Chicago Cardinals
Chicago Cardinals
1949: Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants
1951: Cleveland Browns
1952: Detroit Lions
Cleveland Browns
1954: Detroit Lions
1955: Cleveland Browns
Chicago Bears
1957: Cleveland Browns
1958: New York Giants
1959: New York Giants
1960: Philadelphia Eagles
1961: Green Bay Packers
1962: Green Bay Packers
1963: Chicago Bears
Baltimore Colts
1965: Cleveland Browns
1966: Green Bay Packers
Los Angeles Rams
1968: Baltimore Colts
1969: Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings
1971: Dallas Cowboys
1972: Miami Dolphins
1973: Minnesota Vikings
Oakland Raiders
1975: Pittsburgh Steelers
1976: Oakland Raiders
1977: Dallas Cowboys
1978: Pittsburgh Steelers
San Diego Chargers
1980: Atlanta Falcons
1981: San Francisco 49ers
1982: Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins
1984: San Francisco 49ers
1985: Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears
1987: San Francisco 49ers
Chicago Bears
1989: San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco 49ers
1991: Washington Redskins
1992: San Francisco 49ers
Buffalo Bills
1994: San Francisco 49ers
Kansas City Chiefs
1996: Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers
1998: Minnesota Vikings
1999: Jacksonville Jaguars
2000: Tennessee Titans
2001: St. Louis Rams
2002: Philadelphia Eagles
2003: New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers
2005: Indianapolis Colts
2006: San Diego Chargers
2007: New England Patriots
2008: Tennessee Titans
2009: Indianapolis Colts
2010: New England Patriots
2011: Green Bay Packers
2012: Atlanta Falcons
2013: Seattle Seahawks
Dallas Cowboys
2015: Carolina Panthers
2016: New England Patriots
New England Patriots
2018: New Orleans Saints
2019: Baltimore Ravens
2020: Kansas City Chiefs

Chicago Bears – 11 (+4)
Green Bay Packers – 8 (-2)
New York Giants – 7 (-)
San Francisco 49ers – 7 (+2)
Baltimore Ravens – 6 (-)
New England Patriots – 5 (-)
Indianapolis Colts – 4 (-1)
Minnesota Vikings – 4 (+3)
Washington Football Team – 4 (-1)
Dallas Cowboys – 3 (-2)
Los Angeles Rams – 3 (-)
Philadelphia Eagles – 3 (-1)
Pittsburgh Steelers – 3 (-3)
Atlanta Falcons – 2 (+2)
Arizona Cardinals – 2 (+1)
Detroit Lions – 2 (-2)
Kansas City Chiefs – 2 (+1)
Los Angeles Chargers – 2 (+2)
Las Vegas Raiders – 2 (-1)
Tennessee Titans – 2 (+2)
Carolina Panthers – 1 (+1)
Jacksonville Jaguars – 1 (+1)
Miami Dolphins – 1 (-1)
New Orleans Saints – 1 (-)
Seattle Seahawks – 1 (-)
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Just wait until I actually get my shit together
The Place Beyond The Pines
Presidents of the Continental Congress:

1776-1777: John Hancock (Massachusetts)
1777-1778: Henry Laurens (South Carolina)
1778-1779: John Jay (New York)
1779-1781: Samuel Huntington (Connecticut)
1781: Thomas McKean (Delaware)
1781-1782: John Hanson (Maryland)
1782-1783: Elias Boudinot (New Jersey)

1791-1792: Frederick Muhlenberg (Pennsylvania)
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Just wait until I actually get my shit together
The Place Beyond The Pines
Technically unrelated to the above

History of Benedict Arnold:
1741-1756: Private Citizen
1756: Private, Connecticut Militia
1756-1775: Private Citizen
1775: Captain, Connecticut Militia
1775: Colonel, Massachusetts Militia
1775-1776: Colonel, Continental Army
1776-1777: Brigadier General, Continental Army
1777-1785: Major General, Continental Army
1785-1789: Senior Officer of the U.S. Army

1785: Promoted by the Continental Congress
1788-1789: Candidate for President, Federalist [10 Electoral Votes]

1789-1797: Secretary of War
1789: Appointed by President Washington
1792: Candidate for President, Federalist [1 Electoral Vote]

1797-1801: Vice President of the United States
1796: Candidate for President, Federalist [64 Electoral Votes]
1801-1802: Private Citizen
1800: Candidate for President, Federalist [63 Electoral Votes]
1802-1807: Superintendent of the United States Military Academy
1802: Appointed by President Jefferson
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Just wait until I actually get my shit together
The Place Beyond The Pines
Reform (21)Moderate (13)Modern Whig (2)SAM (3)An American Party (6)Independence (8)
Barbara LeeNancy PelosiJim CostaKen CalvertKevin McCarthyDarrell Issa
Alan LowenthalAdam SchiffLou CorreaDavid ValadaoDoug LaMalfaDevin Nunes
Brad ShermanAmi BeraYoung KimJay ObernolteAgnes Gibboney
Grace NapolitanoAnna EshooMichelle SteelAndy Caldwell
Jackie SpeierDoris MatsuiMike GarciaBryan Maryott
Jared HuffmanEric SwalwellTom McClintockErin Cruz
Jerry McNerneyJuan C. VargasKevin Cookingham
Jimmy PanettaJulia BrownleyTamika Hamilton
Judy ChuMike Thompson
Karen BassRaul RuizLost to Proportional
Linda SánchezSalud CarbajalJosh Harder
Lucille Roybal-AllardSara JacobsTony Cárdenas
Mark DeSaulnierScott PetersJohn Garamendi
Mark TakanoJimmy Gomez
Maxine WatersKatie Porter
Nanette BarragánMike Levin
Norma Torres
Pete Aguilar
Ro Khanna
Ted Lieu
Zoe Lofgren


Just wait until I actually get my shit together
The Place Beyond The Pines
1989-1993: Mike Dukakis (Democratic)
def. 1988 George H.W. Bush (Republican)
1993-2001: Bill Clinton (Moderate)
def. 1992 Al Haig (Republican), Ross Perot (Independent), Mike Dukakis (Democratic)
def. 1996 Lowell Weicker (An American), Richard Lamm (Reform), Bob Dole (Republican), Lyndon LaRouche (Democratic)
1997 XXVIII Ammendment Changes Presidential Elections to a Two-Round System

2001-2005: Al Gore (Moderate)
def. 2000 George W. Bush (Serve America), Steve Forbes (An American), Ralph Nader (Reform), Jesse Ventura (Independence), Joe Lieberman (Modern Whig)
2005-2009: Jeb Bush (Serve America)
def. 2004 Al Gore (Moderate), Howard Dean (Reform), Newt Gingrich (An American), Tom Golisano (Independence), John Edwards (Modern Whig)
2009-2017: John McCain (An American)
def. 2008 Ralph Nader (Reform), Jeb Bush (Serve America), Chris Dodd (Moderate), Mike Huckabee (Independence), Tom Vilsack (Modern Whig)
def. 2012 Mitt Romney (Serve America), John Kerry (Moderate), Ron Paul (Independence), Rocky Anderson (Reform), Wesley Clark (Modern Whig)

2017-2021: Donald Trump (Independence)
def. 2016 Hillary Clinton (Moderate), Bernie Sanders (Reform), John Kasich (An American), Marco Rubio (Serve America), Charlie Crist (Modern Whig), Martin O'Malley (Modern Whig)
2021-: Joe Biden (Moderate)
def. 2020 Donald Trump (Independence), Elizabeth Warren (Reform), Bill Weld (An American), Pete Buttgieg (Modern Whig), Michael Bloomberg (Serve America)
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