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Stuyvesant's Graphics Thread

2344-2378: Bannister Smithson
2378-2389: Ned Pitchstone
2389-2420: Stanislaus Avondale
2420-2453: Margaret Pitchstone
2453-2474: Wyatt Kelleher
2474-2485: Interregnum
2485-2501: Hannibal Barron
2501-2513: Marcellus Dandridge
2513-2537: Ferguslav Avondale
2537-2561: Florence Tensaw
2561-2580: Whitelaw Stratton
2580-2619: Abigail Calvert
2619-2628: Anatol Avondale
2628-2656: Aurel Heerestraat
2656-: Franklin Ironwrit
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What on earth is going on with that New Mexico panhandle?
Wikipedia said:
In the mid-1930s, the Walsenburg World-Independent proposed that Huerfano County secede from the state.[11] This was a pet project of Sam T. Taylor, a sports editor, who went on to become a long-serving state senator,[12] continuing to pursue the idea unsuccessfully.[13]
In 1973, nearby Costilla County had expressed interest in seceding from Colorado and joining New Mexico.[14]
1837-1845 William Henry Harrison (Whig)
1836 (with Francis Granger) def. Martin Van Buren (Democratic)
1840 (with Francis Granger) def. Lewis Cass (Democratic)

1845-1849 James Buchanan (Democratic)
1844 (with Richard M. Johnson) def. Henry Clay (Whig)
1849-1857 Winfield Scott (Whig)
1848 (with Charles Sumner) def. James Buchanan (Democratic)
1852 (with Charles Sumner) def. Stephen A. Douglas (Democratic)

1857-1861 Charles Sumner (Whig)
1856 (with John Bell) def. James A. Bayard (Democratic)
1861-1865 Graham N. Fitch (Democratic)
1860 (with Benjamin Fitzpatrick) def. Charles Sumner (True Whig), John Bell (Constitutional Whig)
1865-1872 William H. Seward (True Whig)
1864 (with Cassius M. Clay) def. Jefferson Davis (Democratic), John J. Crittenden (Constitutional Whig), Graham N. Fitch (Northern Democratic)