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Just wait until I actually get my shit together
The Place Beyond The Pines
A Non-Fiction list to prepare for a fiction one

Mayor-Commissioner of the District of Columbia:
1967-1975: Walter Washington (Democratic)
1967 App. by Lyndon Johnson

Mayors of the District of Columbia:
1975-1979: Walter Washington (Democratic)
1974 Democratic Primary def. Clifford Alexander Jr.
1974 def. Sam Harris (Independent)

1979-1991: Marion Berry (Democratic)
1978 Democratic Primary def. Sterling Tucker, Walter Washington
1978 def. Arthur Fletcher (Republican)
1982 Democratic Primary def. Patricia Roberts Harris
1982 def. E. Brooke Lee Jr. (Republican)
1986 Democratic Primary def. John L. Ray

1986 def. Carol Schwartz (Republican)
1991-1995: Sharon Pratt Kelly (Democratic)
1990 Democratic Primary def. John L. Ray, Charlene Drew Jarvis, David A. Clarke
1990 def. Maurice Turner (Republican)

1995-1999: Marion Berry (Democratic)
1994 Democratic Primary def. John L. Ray, Sharon Pratt Kelly
1994 def. Carol Schwartz (Republican)

1999-2007: Anthony A. Williams (Democratic)
1998 Democratic Primary def. Kevin P. Chavous, Jack Evans
1998 def. Carol Schwartz (Republican)
2002 Democratic Primary def. Willie F. Wilson, Douglas E. Moore

2002 def. Carol Schwartz (Republican)
2007-2011: Adrian Fenty (Democratic)
2006 Democratic Primary def. Linda Cropp, Marie Johns
2006 def. David Kranich (Republican)

2011-2015: Vincent C. Gray (Democratic)
2010 Democratic Primary def. Adrian Fenty
2010 def. Scattered Opposition

2015-Present: Muriel Bowser (Democratic)
2014 Democratic Primary def. Vincent C. Gray, Tommy Wells, Jack Evans
2014 def. David Catania (Independent), Carol Schwartz (Independent)
2018 Democratic Primary def. James Butler, Ernest E. Johnson

2018 def. Ann Wilcox (Statehood Green), Dustin Canter (Independent)
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Just wait until I actually get my shit together
The Place Beyond The Pines
1877-1881: Peter Cooper (Greenback)
(with Samuel Cary) def. 1876 Green Smith (Prohibition)
1881-1885: James B. Weaver (Greenback)
(with Benjamin Chambers) def. 1880 Scattered
1885-1893: John St. John (Prohibition)
(with William Daniel) def. 1884 Benjamin Butler (Greenback)
(with William Daniel) def. 1888 Alson Streeter (Union Labor)
1893-1897: James B. Weaver (People’s)
(with James Field) def. 1892 John Bidwell (Prohibition)
1897-1901: John M. Palmer (National Democratic)
(with Hale Johnson) def. 1896 Joshua Levering (Prohibition), William Jennings Bryan (People’s/Silver), Charles Matchett (Socialist Labor), Charles Eugene Bentley (National [Reform/Prohibition]) [/SPOILER]
1901-1905: John Woolley (Prohibition)
(with Henry Metcalf) def. 1900 Eugene V. Debs (Socialist), Wharton Barker (Middle Road People’s), William Jennings Bryan (People’s/Silver)
1905-1917: Eugene V. Debs (Socialist)
(with Benjamin Hanford) def. 1904 Silas Swallow (Prohibition), Thomas Watson (People’s)
(with Benjamin Hanford) def. 1908 Eugene Chafin (Prohibition), Thomas Hisgen (Independence)
(with Emil Seidel) def. 1912 Eugene Chafin (Prohibition)
1917-1925: Allan Benson (Socialist)
(with George Kirkpatrick) def. 1916 James Hanly (Prohibition)
(with George Kirkpatrick) def. 1920 Parley Christiansen (Farmer-Labor), James Ferguson (American) [/SPOILER]
1925: Robert M La Follette (Progressive)
(with Burton K Wheeler) def. 1924 Scattered
1925-1929: Burton K Wheeler (Progressive)
1929-1937: Norman M. Thomas (Socialist)

(with James H. Maurer) def. 1928 William F. Varney (Prohibition), Frank Webb (Farmer-Labor), Verne L. Reynolds (Socialist Labor), William Z. Foster (Communist)
(with James H. Maurer) def. 1932 William D. Upshaw (Prohibition), William H. Harvey (Liberty)
1937-1941: William F. Lemke (Union)
(with Thomas C. O'Brien) def. 1936 Norman M. Thomas (Socialist), D. Leigh Colvin (Prohibition), Earl R. Browder (Communist)
1941-1949: Norman M. Thomas (Socialist)
(with Maynard C. Krueger) def. 1940 Roger Babson (Prohibition), Earl R. Browder (Communist), John W. Aiken (Socialist Labor)
(with Darlington Hoopes) def. 1944 Claude A. Watson (Prohibition), Edward A. Teichert (Socialist Labor) in House Contingent Election[/SPOILER]
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