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SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game

So I got @Avalanches image when I was out drinking. Because I was the first person, I didn't know what kind of timeframe was expected so felt pressure to get something done that day so I basically stewed on it while drinking and then made my image at 3 in the morning when I came home. In hindsight, I wish I'd given myself more time to work on it. If we do anything like this again, I will.

My original thought was your original thought @Alex Richards. Oh, there's an extra 2 senators, I'll do a state flag. But then I noticed that according to the voting system bit, there's still 50 states so I gave up on that.

So I did this instead.


And sent it to @Von Callay

Von Callay

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I wanted to do memes.

I could pretend I had more advanced thoughts than that, but fundamentally, I did it for the memes. Some of them are AH takes on OTL memes, some are incomprehensible without ATL context (as befits internet memes, I can barely understand some that are from just a few years ago, let alone another world), and some are just pandering. To myself.


Uhura's Mazda

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Tamaki Makaurau
See... I know nothing about American politics, so I was really fortunate to receive Von Callay's memes and not either of the previous two. Even so, I could see no mention of New Zealand-based microparties in any of said memes, so I was still on shaky ground. In a stroke of inspiration, I tenuously combined the bottom-left one with a documentary I'd just seen about the Doctor Who TV film.

Note: I also know little to nothing about Doctor Who. This was definitely an interesting experience, and forced me to take something well beyond my comfort zone and turn out An Art by modulating it through something that is only massively beyond my comfort zone.

My apologies to all of those further down the chain, principally @Edmund.

I'm really enjoying the telephone aspect and how we've gone from the us senate to doctor who in 4 images.

Also really enjoy the concept of the Master in disguise as Osama Bin Laden. The whole description of the American Doctor Who series is great actually. I love that it's an apartment building, and I like that Shiri Appleby stars in an extended arc about Roswell. The series sounds awful but that's kind of the appeal.

One little question, though. We've skipped @BClick, did he drop out?

Alex Richards

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I did drop out - I just did it via PM with the people on either side rather than posting in the thread. Sorry for the confusion.

Had lots of fun ideas about the sociopolitical role of Fotohop but I was too busy on the date so I passed it on.
Ah, no problem.

Alex Richards

Tends to eat truffles once found
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Ooh a repeat of the truck bombing. Subtle one that. I did something similar in Tippecanoe but with only the one tower coming down.

It's kind of scary how vulnerable the towers were to that style of attack.

EDIT: And successful Bojinka? Sounds like a grim period.

Tom Colton

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Based entirely on 9/11 taking a different form, although still perpetrated by al-Qaeda, I decided to assume that Iraq would definitely still be on the cards, and unfortunately due to Rojava, this contribution's aged like milk.

It's basically a direct 1:1 of Iraq flag nobody liked, except for a carved-out nominally independent Kurdish state.
It's a nice flag that. I wasn't previously aware of the 2004 rejected flag but I think the Kurdistan sun complements it better then the crescent. And I have no problem with anti-Semitism.

Also delighted with how much everyone is travelling into completely different directions than the previous person. I look forward to @Sideways setting her next graphic in Zanzibar.