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SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game 3

Alex Richards

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Published by SLP
It's been a while and I've been reminded about this, so lets do another one.

Rules are as before:

1. Everyone interested in participating posts as such here. Once we've got a big enough group, I'll randomise the list.

2. The first person in the list creates an AH map or graphic (wikibox, flag with description, etc.).

3. They then PM that to the next person in the list, and only the next person in the list, and indicate here that they have done so. (Although @Sideways, would you mind if we also included the sidewasy account here as it would help later organisation)

4. The next person has to create a map or graphic that's set in the same universe as the one they've received, then PM it to the next one in the list and so on.

5. Once we get to the end of the list, each person either posts their thing in order, or PMs them to me so I can post them in order or something and we get to see what we've ended up with.

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