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Six East End Boys

David Flin

The end is nigh.
There are now 2 books in the Six East End Boys series available, Six East End Boys, and Tales From Section D.

This is a thread to discuss either of these, or any of those future potential books in the pipeline. At present, there's More Tales From Section D, Apostles of Section D, and Reports From Independent London.

There are also a number of possible other spin-offs, sequels, and prequels that I've been playing around with a few ideas for. Most of these will probably not see the light of day (so many ideas, so little time), but include: The Sunny Hotel - a tale of events post the first uprising, as seen from the inhabitants of the Sunny Hotel, based heavily on the Commodore Hotel; the early life of the Six, before the first Uprising; another series of Section D; and a collection of vignettes set at various times in the London of this world.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated.