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Sergeant Frosty Publications

David Flin

A home of love and laughter.
For non-SLP published work, I feel I need to mention the launch of Sergeant Frosty Publications.

The names of some of the authors may be familiar to you.

I'll be publishing 3-5 books each month, initially as e-books. When they have covered costs of publishing, I'll launch them as paperbacks.

It's all terribly exciting, and there's a lot of great stuff in line, and I've a publishing schedule that reaches until June 2021.

What else is there for me to do other than to exhort you to peruse and purchase?

This month's releases:
Green and Pleasant Land: Originally, this was the first part of Bring Me My Bow (now no longer available on SLP). 1920s as seen through the eyes of the ordinary soldier.

Fight to Dance: Simon Brading looks at children in love with ballet dancing, showing the love of dance that you would expect from a former professional ballet dancer.

The Cave Between Worlds: Andy Cooke's foray into modern fantasy, showing the love of science and magic that you would expect from a former professional Wizard. (Some mistake there, surely? Ribbit).

The Curious Case of the Clairvoyant Curate: It's a 1920s murder mystery.


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A poster pitch.

Love it all except the WordArt 'presents' which really looks out of place; and the comma after each title and before the author looks strange to me, but that might just be personal preference

Maybe a sentence description of each book, as there's room to either side?

David Flin

A home of love and laughter.
Blog articles on the website should now be going up twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Sundays. The next one is a piece by Andy Cooke about how he came to start writing the Shadowlands Chronicles.

Book 1 of the series (The Cave Between Worlds) is available; Book 2 (Secret of the Citadel) is due in the November launch in a couple of weeks.

November titles are all ready to launch, and I'm preparing the December and January books.

December is a little less firm than November, but look set to include:

Trail of the Intruder (Andy Cooke)
Christmas with Sergeant Frosty
Billy and the Dragon (James Hall)
The Time Traveller's Tour Guide to Pompeii (Andrew Brooks)
Burning Gold (new ground for the Bring Me My Bow series)

There is also the possibility in December or January of the start of the Foskit series, by Nick Sumner: The Foskits, the Kiwi bird and the Blue Brontosaurus Escape from Castle Gloom and Defeat the Horrible Horde!

F1 C1 a.jpgF1 C2 a.jpgF1 C4 b.jpg

February sees a Titanic feel to the schedule; March has a Moon-based theme, while April is set to look at King Arthur.

Things are moving; the important part is for people to look at what's available and - especially important - buy. I'll be happy if you look and spread the word.


David Flin

A home of love and laughter.
It's going to be a race to see if you finish it before Secret of the Citadel comes out.

Reviews of books on Amazon always appreciated for each of the books.