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Second book of the New Galveston Series is Now Available


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The Kindle version of my alternate history novel New Galveston Book Two: The Wild East is now available.

The Amazon link is: https://www.amazon.com/New-Galveston-Wild-Dale-Cozort-ebook/dp/B094YVL9KY/

What is it about?
In February 1939, just before World War II, the US Navy returned from a massive naval exercise in the Caribbean to find the New World replaced by an alternate version inhabited only by Indians.

In this alternate history novel, a sequel to New Galveston Book One: Operation Croatoan, Milo Gentry allies with an Aztec mobster and a beautiful Indian woman to fight his way north against White Russian slavers, stop a deadly epidemic and destroy a Nazi airbase in the upper Midwest.

This has been a fun series to write. It combines my speculations about how American Indian societies would have developed without European colonization with my fascination with the early part of World War II. It's deliberately a bit more pulp influenced than most of what I write, with essentially non-stop action.