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Nothing but Schadenfreude: A Test Thread

”Communist?" Couldn't you at least come up with a creative insult, put a little bit of effort into it?

In a weird way I actually miss the Kaiserreich that used to have a loud presence in Europe about 3 years ago. They put effort into their attacks on me. There were some truly hardcore rants back in those days, and when people knew they were going to be assassinated they went out in style. It seems that today's more liberal trolls can't manage more than garden variety sniping on their way out. When it's all over, I won't remember you as more than one blurred component of a big undifferentiated mass.

Anyway, yes, I'm going to begin the Spartacist uprising.


Welcome to the test thread folks.

The year is 1964.

The new boy President has had a rocky foreign policy, leaving the world watching to see what develops in the Cold War, he has very narrowly passed the Civil Rights Act of 1963, helping him to closely win a historically high percentage of the black vote, culminating in a squeaker in the now voting District of Columbia. This President is Richard M. Nixon.

Better than reality? Probably not, but..

You take your pick.
2001 - 2005: Vice President Al Gore (Democratic)
2000 (with Joe Lieberman) def. Governor George W. Bush (Republican)

2005 - 2009: Senator John McCain (Republican)
2004 (with Joe Lieberman) def. President Al Gore (Democratic), Ralph Nader (Independent-Green), Dennis Kucinich (Reform)

2009 - 2017: Governor Bill Richardson (Democratic)
2008 (with Jim Clyburn) def. President John McCain (Republican), Alan Keyes (Constitution)
2012 (with Jim Clyburn) def. Fmr. Rep. Newt Gingrich (Republican), Mr. Alvin Greene (QAnon)

2017 - 2020: Fmr. Senator Herman Cain (Republican)
2016 (with John Thune) def. Fmr. Senator Sam Nunn (Democratic), Fmr. Vice President Joe Lieberman (Independent-America for Lieberman-Democrats against Pedophilia), Mr. Alvin Greene (QAnon)

2020 - 2021: Vice President John Thune (Republican)

2021 - present: Fmr. President Joe Lieberman (Republican-Liberal-QAnon)
2020 (with Jon Huntsman Jr.) def. Senator Hillary Clinton (Democratic-Connecticut for Lieberman), Fmr. Senator Rick Santorum (Values), Michael Bloomberg (FUCK), Tulsi Gabbard (Working Families)
I think the best part of this is when Joe Lieberman loses the endorsement of Lieberman for Connecticut. You had ONE JOB!

Is Democrats against Paedophila just the blue version of QAnon? Speaking of which, Alvin Greene as the Quesidential candidate is inspired.
It's the blue (non conspirital) version of QAnon but, not being a right wing conspiracy ittl, it gains a more mainstream acceptance and DaP falls into the organization