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Naval Gazing, Part 9: Interwar Intrigues


David Miliband reacts only
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At this point the real struggle is to try to deal with a period in a short article without going into such detail it will turn off the casual reader, nor missing out anything really big that should be covered. I know the experts with their painstaking MSPaint drawings of G3s and N4s or whatever it was may take exception to the broad-brush approach, but this is written by a non-expert for non-experts.

Tabac Iberez

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At some point I need to pen you all an article on forestalling the death of the battleship and the glorious Unrotated Projectile. What rules the waves may not reliably rule the skies, after all...


Connoisseur of the Miscellaneous
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Nu Yawk
The interwar period in general (and what-if conflicts that come from there, however realistic or unrealistic the setup) is one of the most fascinating and underappreciated time areas for me.