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Moonbase: Episode 1 - A World Apart


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Looks promising!

Will there be any developments on Earth, or will the story be entirely focused on the moonbase?

David Flin

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To judge by the introduction:

We’ve decided to try an experiment with this upcoming serial, and that is to include the readership in the narrative process. We’ll be telling a story as a serial; we encourage suggestions that we can include in later episodes of the story, and we’ll try to incorporate these if that is possible. ... We’ll take note of the suggestions in the first week after publication, and write the next part incorporating those suggestions in the second.

That would suggest that if suggestions are submitted, the authors will see what they can do.

Tabac Iberez

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[X] Quietly inform the secretary, and start checking the pagers.

For all we know, the nerd has been across the hall as us, moving around when we're not looking. If we can't find him normally, then we check the lye vats.

Charles EP M.

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Masters should quietly check 'hiding places' because that's sure suspicious!

I'm hoping the story sticks to the moonbase rather than look to Earth, heighten the isolation.


The Coyote Has Crept into Our Language
Little Beirut
This is fun.

Did he check the women's area - or at least delegate someone trustworthy to do so (as might be necessary in this setting)?


Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses
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Good to see suggestions coming in for this.
Any more for any more?


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Over the rainbow
My only other question is a worldbuilding one. While I agree with other commentators that the focus should be on the moonbase rather than on earth, it would be good to get a few hints about how the handwavium cavorite has changed other parts of life on earth.