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Media Musing Counterfactuals: The White Ranger vs VR Troopers

Charles EP M.

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It's only checking some dates in this that I fully realised how rapid production was on Saban's tokusatsu shows (because Fuck Unions We Want Money)

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Power Rangers really is just something.

Between the Homophobia, the racism, the awful working conditions, the frankly shitty production methods of splicing together different shows its really insane its one of the biggest media success stories ever.


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Kids really, REALLY like violence.
And also robots that turn into other robots and combine to make one big robot.

I was too old for Power Rangers when it came out and my view on it was basically "This seems really silly and cringe, but, on the other hand, I will happily look through the Argos catalogue to read about all their robots that turn into other robots and combine to make one big robot".

That reminds me, there must be a way for me to come up with an excuse to do an article about Manta Force.