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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

Time Enough

"Enthusiastic Cis Male Partner"
I couldn't resist. @Sideways , its a requirement I put Arthur Webber in future TLs , yeah ?
Always, yes. The little McDonnellite that could and all that (also he needs to eventually find out that folks on the internet are including him in Timelines).
Benali Hamdache (who might be something like DPM, though the Greens may insist on two) too
He seems cool, his facial hair is on point too.


Hello to our posters from NooOOORTH CAR-O-LIN-A
Sandford, Gloucestershire
Def 2047: Emma Mi (Conservative) Alex Dunham* (Lib Dem) Benali Hamdache/Lily Fitzgibbon (GPEW) Aodhán Ó hAdhmaill (Sinn Fein) Carla Lockhart (DUP) Michael Blackman* (Reform) Cariad Jones* (Plaid Cymru) Luke Patterson (Alliance) Michael O’Brien* (UUP)
I was a bit overeliant on members of Youth wings of parties. Means that most of these people are in their late 40s early 50s. You might still see younger current MPs who are around 30 in party leadership

There was a partially constructed writeup of all of this but I think the list is self explanatory


Always mysterious!
Published by SLP
Municipal Commune of Bourne
Campaign for Real Revolution

1970-1973: Reginald Maudling (Conservative)
1970 (Majority) def. Harold Wilson (Labour), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)
1973-1975: Quintin Hogg (Conservative majority)
1975-1976: Harold Wilson (Labour)
1975 (Coalition with Liberals) def. Quintin Hogg (Conservative), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)
1976-1980: Roy Jenkins (Labour-Liberal coalition)
1980-1994: Keith Joseph (Conservative)
1980 (Majority) def. Roy Jenkins (Labour), David Steel (Liberal), Fenner Brockway, Baron Brockway (Independent Labour)
1984 (Majority) def. Roy Jenkins (Reform), Cyril Smith (Centre), Tony Benn (Independent Labour)
1989 (Majority) def. Peter Hain [Prime Minister-designate] (Popular Front - Independent Labour, Greens, Liberals), David Owen (Reform), Ian Gilmour (One Nation)
1994 (Majority) def. Peter Hain [Prime Minister-designate] (Popular Front - Independent Labour, Greens, Liberals), David Owen / Michael Heseltine (Alliance - Reform, One Nation)

1994-1995: Norman Tebbit (Conservative majority)
1995-2000: John Redwood (Conservative)
1995 (Majority) def. David Alton (Alliance), Roger Protz / Derek Wall / Hilary Wainwright (Popular Front - Independent Labour, Greens, Liberals) [abstentionist]
2000 election cancelled amidst Millennium Bug Crisis

2000-present: Second British Civil War

2000-2001: David Richards (British Army)

2003-2006: Ian Paisley (British Covenant)

2007-present: Roger Protz, de jure / collective, de facto (Popular Assembly of the New Commonwealth)

Please note, leaders prior to 2000 are Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. Post-2000, the leaders are those who controlled a majority of the landmass of Great Britain.
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Token Marxist
Maybe my fave bit. Even as a popular front is being formed. Owen is still an awkward bastard.
Yeah the Liberals lurching left to join the popular front as Reform lurch right to join with One Nation Tory defectors is quite funny.

Also bittersweet because while the build up probably sucks for everyone involved the result might be worth it. Oh well that's the risk with AH.


Always mysterious!
Published by SLP
Municipal Commune of Bourne
and a much, much lazier US presidents list to accompany that

1969-1972: Richard Nixon (Republican)
1968 (with Spiro Agnew) def. Hubert Humphrey (Democratic), George Wallace (American Independent)
1972-1973: Spiro Agnew (Republican)
1973-1975: John V. Lindsay (Independent)
1972 (with Tom McCall) def. George Wallace (American Independent), Spiro Agnew (Republican), Hubert Humphrey (Democratic) [suspended campaign]
1975-1981: John V. Lindsay (National Liberal)
1976 (with Adlai Stevenson III) def. George Wallace (American Independent), Frank Church (Democratic), Ronald Reagan (Republican)
1981-1989: William Westmoreland (United Conservative)
1980 (with Sam Yorty) def. Adlai Stevenson III (National Liberal), Mike Gravel (Democratic)
1984 (with Sam Yorty) def. Gary Hart (Democratic), numerous Liberal candidacies

1989-1997: John K. Singlaub (United Conservative)
1988 (with Peter Ueberroth) def. Lee Iacocca (Independent), Jesse Jackson (Democratic)
1992 (with Peter Ueberroth) def. John Sculley (Independent)

1997-2000: Oliver North (United Conservative)
1996 (with Clint Eastwood) def. Colin Powell (Independent)
2000-2001: Clint Eastwood (United Conservative)
2001-2005: Colin Powell (Independent)
2000 (with John McCain) def. Clint Eastwood (United Conservative), Oliver North (faithless electors)
2005-0000: John Lewis (New Democratic)
2004 (with Jim Jeffords) def. Wesley Clark (Heartland), Meg Whitman (Independent), Rick Perry (Union)


Well-known member
1933 - 1937: Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic)
1936 (with John Nance Garner) def. President Herbert Hoover (Republican)

1937 - 1941: Senator Alf Landon (Republican)
1936 (with Frank Knox) def. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic), Senator Burton K. Wheeler (Progressive)

1941 - 1943: Senator Huey P. Long (Democratic)
1940 (with James F. Byrnes) def. President Alf Landon (Republican), Fmr. Vice President John Nance Garner (Independent Democratic)
1943 - 1945: Vice President James F. Byrnes (Democratic)

1945 - 1948: Businessman Wendell Wilkie (Republican)
1944 (with Harlan J. Bushfield) def. President James Byrnes (Democratic), Fmr. President Huey P. Long (Independent)
1948 - 1949: Senator Arthur Vandenberg (Republican)

1949 - 1952: Fmr. President Herbert Hoover (Republican)
1948 (with John W. Bricker) def. Fmr. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Social Contract), Fmr. President James Byrnes (Democratic), , Fmr. President Huey P. Long (Kingfish), Fmr. President Alf Landon (Midwest Progressive), Fmr. Vice President John Nance Garner (Write-in)