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If I Ruled the World

Charles EP M.

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The WBWR is proclaimed ruler of a country. He gives a speech. A very long speech. The longest first speech ever by a ruler of this country. He did it outdoors in sub-zero temperatures. He did it without wearing coat, gloves, or hat. He caught pneumonia. He died of pneumonia within a month.

Tabac Iberez

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The fun thing about Little Bighorn is that the assault failed fairly early; after which the rout where most of the fighting took place spent about three or four days if the archeological time span lines up right.

You'd be astonished at the time it took to write the article.
That depends on if we're counting the full length of the football game, or just the time of the commercial breaks.

Gary Oswald

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I'm not sure one can call Association Football "European" given how many times Brazil and Argentina have won the World Cup.
12-9 to Europe.

Given we have 1 win in 8 in Rugby and 1 win in 12 in cricket, it's probably the most European of the major sports.

Getting the Germans interested was I think the crucial part.

Alex Richards

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There really are an utterly ridiculous number of events like this.

Frederick Barbarossa for example. Goes on crusade in his youth and it's an utter disaster where he fails to accomplish anything and narrowly escapes drowning in a flash flood.

Returns to Germany. Is Elected Holy Roman Emperor. Proceeds to stamp his authority all over the place. Crushes his domestic enemies, establishes a civil law code, proves an able governor, governs for an unprecedented length of time- and a time of increasing prosperity and all.

Goes on crusade again, wins a great victory, seems like he might actually succeed this time... and promptly drowns crossing a river.

Tabac Iberez

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I'm not even going to mention The Falklands War, Mills & Boon style.
From the American perspective, it's rather like watching your brawler of a father go senile. You know he can do it, but by God he shouldn't be letting them get those hits in before he does a dumb like Black Buck a spinning kick.


Centrist Ham
The Khwarazm sultan gets a bad wrap, they were the bad boy of central Asia to of the Islamic world and a major power.

But then suddenly Mongols. Who the fuck are these guys?