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Hang your Hat in the Wind

Hang your Hat in the wind

April 13. 1987

The president’s press secretary announces Reagan is suffering from Alzheimer’s and is stepping down,

May 13. 1987

Secretary of state Howard Baker meets with president George H. Bush concerning planed visit t to Soviet Union.

June 19. 1987

Television producer Glen Larson meets with actor Richard Hatch about doing new Battle star Galactica television movie. Peter graves pf mission impossible fame will be playing commander Adam in the Galactica television film.

June 20 1987

Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton announces he will run for Democratic nomination next year .

July 2.1987

Former Governor Jerry Brown says he will seek Democratic nomination in 1988.

July 16. 1987

California senator Houston Flourney is confirmed as next vice president of the united states.
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