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Guild of Spies


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I read this quite a while ago, but for some reason it stuck in my mind. It's sort of on the margins of AH. The novel doesn't point to a specific point of divergence, but Albion is recognizably Britain and Tem is recognizably China, though neither of them directly correlate to the kings, emperors or technology of our time-line. Generally the technology is steam era, roughly equivalent to maybe 1880, though not across the board.

This sort of familiar world has a shadowy organization called "The Guild of Spies." One of its female operatives infiltrates an Albion delegation to Tem (essentially China with the labels filed off). She gets caught up in a convoluted, deadly, very Chinese set of political struggles.

This is a very good book, though it bogs down a bit briefly around the two-thirds mark. The author is a traditionally published and reasonably successful author who doesn't want to be named and who wrote and self-published this novel under the pen name LB Beckett. It's long and can be purchased as either one novel or as a two-book series (same content either way).