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For King & Country: An immersive theatre experience based on Operation Sea Lion


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The show is back in two weeks! This time, it's both parts running in tandem.

You can find out more and buy tickets here, including a special offer with a healthy saving if you buy for two 'paired' shows, ie coming consecutively to see the same timeline play out across both shows (decisions made in 1940 impact 1944).

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The show will run until the end of April near London Bridge. This is the last definite chance to see the show as there's no plans to extend this time, though we never say never. Also, for those of you who would have a particular interest in seeing me in the shows and have a drink afterwards, PM me if you're going to book - I have time off for some of the shows so ten performances have an understudy playing my part.

I'll be doing an article about this on the site this week but for now, here's the news.

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